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Let’s face it, not all of us have plans to escape to the Mediterranean Sea this summer… but all of us certainly wish that we did.  If you’re lucky enough to spend some time near the Amalfi Coast, Mykonos, or the French Riviera this summer, consider us officially envious.  (We’ll make sure your olive tree is watered while you’re away.)

This summer, we’re all about bringing the vacation to you by incorporating Mediterranean vibes throughout your home.  So sit back, let the fresh summer breeze in through your wide-open windows, and pour yourself a crisp glass of sparkling white sangria.  Your home will be vacation-ready in no time!

Build a Neutral Base

What’s one thing that nearly all Mediterranean coastal homes have in common?  Lots and lots of white furniture, window treatments, flooring, you-name-it.  Keep your design base grounded with crisp whites and add in lots of natural materials like linen, sisal, wicker, and jute to get that room-in-a-hotel-on-the-beach vibe.

(Literally) Bring the Outdoors, in

Who says that beach chairs have to stay outside?  Vacation style chairs like this tassel lounge chair belong in your living room just as much as they belong on a beach with your toes in the sand.  Pro tip: outdoor furniture is often easier to clean than indoor furniture, and can even be more durable in the long run.  So, there are plenty of benefits to bringing this furniture into your main living spaces!

Mediterranean Motifs

When you think of the Greek isles, you see blue and white repeated patterns and intricate tile work, right?  Oh, you picture the stunning beaches and picturesque towns nestled in the rolling hills? That works too!  See our next point to learn how to incorporate this part of your vacation daydream.  It’s likely that you won’t want to completely re-tile your home so instead, bring in repeated geometric patterns and native plants like eucalyptus and olive branches.

Bold, Natural Colors

The easiest way to immediately transport yourself to the Mediterranean is to incorporate the bright, saturated earthy colors found in the landscape.  Play up the colors of the ocean — think deep royal and ocean mist blues — and the colors of the foliage.  Incorporate plenty of terracotta and ochre tones found all throughout the Mediterranean, too!