4 Decorating Ideas for a Cozy Bedroom

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Published on May 4, 2020

A good night’s sleep—or a good afternoon nap—has never been more crucial. Which means a relaxing bedroom is just as important to your mental and physical health right now as hand sanitizer, fitness videos, TikTok and your comfort food of choice. 

If you’re ready to layer in more coziness, comfort and style to your bedroom, you’ve come to the right place. Decorating ideas for bedrooms don’t need to cost an arm and a leg, and you don’t have to recruit professional help to realize a major change.  

Here are some easy, rewarding DIY bedroom projects, courtesy of Havenly CEO Lee Mayer, an expert on interior designs for bedrooms. They will instantly add a personalized touch to a room that should greet you with a warm embrace every evening (or afternoon). 

One of our favorite DIY bedroom projects is transforming an old dresser into a statement piece. All it takes is a coat of paint, whether bright and charming or dark and moody. 

For kids’ rooms, consider chalkboard paint for a modern, matte aesthetic that doubles as a renewable canvas for art projects (which we could all use right now). 

Another idea is to finish the top and drawers with wallpaper (peel and stick works well here) for a dose of personality and unique character. 

And of course, updating hardware is an easy way to give your dresser, and your bedroom, an instant makeover.

Yes, you can create an eye-catching focal point for your bed without purchasing a traditional bed frame. 

The beauty of this project is you can truly customize your headboard design to the look, feel and drama you want for your bedroom. 

The simplest DIY headboard is created by painting a large color block where the headboard would be. Make sure you choose a complementary tone to your bedding (or use this as an opportunity to also replace bedding you’re tired of!). 

For something more minimalist and Scandinavian, we recommend a traditional square, extending out a foot on either side of your bed as well as a foot above the top of your pillows (approximately 84” wide x 60” high for a standard queen bed). 

If you’re looking for a modern take on cozy, extend the color block from floor to ceiling for maximum impact. 

Or for more boho comfort vibes, try other geometric shapes like a large circle (around 80 inches in diameter for a queen bed, with the bottom of the circle layered behind your pillows) or even a large arch (also beginning at least a foot out from your bed and extending a foot above the top of the pillows).

If you’re open to tackling a somewhat bigger project, apply a calming wallpaper (perhaps florals or soft abstract swirls) behind the bed and frame the space with molding. 

Again, you can tailor the size to what best fits your space. For a more dramatic look, feel free to apply the wallpaper a little higher. (For those hungering for exact numbers, 72” wide by 76” high is a good place to start for a queen bed). 

For the moulding itself, consider chair rail moulding like this with added dimension and texture or ornamental bead moulding like this for an ornate finish. You could also purchase an unfinished style, then paint the trim to best complement the wallpaper and bedding. 

Navy blue paint for the bedroom

Modern organic style exudes coziness, and it’s very much of the moment. Think natural textures, relaxed textiles and distressed finishes. 

You can transform an old lamp into an organic masterpiece with a little old-fashioned plaster and a smidgen of elbow grease. 

For this project, in addition to an old lamp with a tired, out-of-date finish, you’ll need a plaster cloth, and white or neutral paint. 

Wrap your lamp in the plaster cloth according to the directions on the package, then top with a fresh coat of paint. So easy for such a sophisticated result! (Or you can buy a ready-made style like this vintage one from Oculus Gallery.)

Pro tip: Recruit your kids to help with a plaster project. They’ll love the opportunity to get their hands dirty.

An immediate way to infuse more coziness in your bedroom is with paint. No project will change your space and improve your mood faster

Stick with always-in-style white for that fresh and airy Scandinavian aesthetic. Embrace deep navy or green for a more moody and intimate vibe. Or try a soft mauve or dusty rose to bring out a sense of playful calm. 

Whatever project you choose, rest easy: Your bedroom is about to become your new favorite room.

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Looking for more decorating ideas for bedrooms or assistance on your quarantine project? Let one of our designers help you out. Take our style quiz today and let’s get started!

Words by Staci Sturrock