Mini Makeover: Quick Updates to Refresh Your Space

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Published on January 13, 2017

The new year comes with new resolutions. Common examples include getting organized, working out more often and eating healthier, but what about resolutions for your home? Updating your space can have an instant impact on your life and can make those resolutions easier to follow.

To help you seek happiness or get organized, we’ve built a quick guide on how to update your space for the new year.

How To Update Your Space

Update Your Pillows And Art

1. Rejuvenate Your Pillows, Artwork, and Accessories

Consider building a base of colors and textures that are well-suited for winter, but will easily transition throughout the year. We love starting with a monochromatic palette in the winter months because it can easily develop into a new color scheme at the change of the season. For instance, if your room is mainly comprised of cool blue tones, you can build on this color scheme now with new accents in different shades of blue, and introduce a warmer hue like yellow or orange for a quick and easy spring refresh.

Stylish Storage To Stay Organized

2. Create a home for everything in your home

Creating storage in your home does not mean you have to shove everything in a closet or hide things under the bed. Think of concealing your clutter with stylish storage like decorative boxes, baskets and multi-purpose storage ottomans. The trick to an organized home lies in maintaining your new storage solutions throughout the year. We all know how tempting it is to use the junk drawer or the ‘pile-up chair’ in your bedroom (you know which one we’re talking about), but once you’ve given everything a home, it’s important to stick to it!

3. Rearrange your current furniture

New big-ticket purchases aren’t necessary to refresh your space! Consider relocating current furniture to new parts of your home, then adding a few smaller accent pieces to make everything feel brand new. Try relocating a chair from your bedroom to your living room to create a cozy reading nook, or maybe swapping area rugs. Add a few throw pillows or a new vase and just like that, your home looks like new.

Add Layers For Warmth

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4. Pile on the Layers!

Don’t overlook your home when it comes to layering and staying warm. Layering rugs is a great way to add depth and warmth to any space, and swapping out a layered rug is an easy way to make any room feel brand new. Start with a natural material rug, like jute as your base, and then add a vintage or colorful rug on top for instant texture and visual appeal. The base rug can stay in place all year long, and the top layer can be swapped out for the season.

5. Add a Fresh Coat of Paint

We love a low cost, high impact design solution! Painting is an inexpensive way to dramatically change the vibe of your home without changing the furniture that you already own. With literally thousands of paint colors to choose from, picking the right paint color for your room can be a paralyzing decision. Let our designers help you narrow down a few options before you commit to that second coat of paint, and you’ll be off to the races!

Shop Havenly’s Cool & Calming Update


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We love warm, boho vibes for winter. Cool blues are perfect for the colder months, while off whites are warm but versatile enough to go with any season.

Ready to update your space? Our talented Havenly designers are on-hand to help with any of your home refresh questions! Chat through quick questions with Design Quickie, or hand pick a designer to guide you through a full room refresh with 2-3 design ideas and a shoppable design created just for you.