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You’ve probably seen that hashtag about growing up (#adulting) hanging around the internet. It’s a young person way of noting something they’re doing as being “grown up” or “adult.” In the case of client Sarah Fennel, of Broma Bakery, her #adulting moment was when she hired her very own interior designer at age 25 to create a minimal masculine office design.

How exactly does someone manage to hire an interior designer at just 25? They discover Havenly online interior designers.

“Now if you had told struggling college me that I would be able to hire an interior designer as a 25 year old, I would’ve called you a liar. But it’s true and it’s a service called Havenly. And it’s actually the best thing ever. ” – Sarah Fennel

Sarah’s Minimal Masculine Office

Sarah had recently moved to Detroit and needed to fill her empty office. She knew she wanted it to be bright and minimal with masculine accents, plus it needed to be functional enough to double as a photography studio (hello yummy cake photography). Enter Havenly designer Shelby.

As with all our designs, Sarah first received 3 ideas from her designer. Based on her style survey and the inspiration she provided, it quickly became apparent Sarah loved bright, white surfaces with patterned, more colorful textiles.

[foogallery id=”12746″]

Sarah knew she wanted a bit more warmth in the textiles and a slightly more masculine approach, so she and her designer worked together to create two concepts to help build that idea out.

Concepts are a great way to start to visualize how the individual pieces you love will work together. The two concepts usually show two very different approaches to your design, and sometimes, mixing them together for the final look is the best way to get everything you love in one great design. Other times, there’s a clear winner, as was the case for Sarah in this concept.

“You nailed it. Thank you!!! So excited to see everything come together with plants, etc. All ready on this end for moving to a full rendering! Thank you so, so much.” – Sarah

Design can be a process, so it’s always a happy day when a designer and a client are totally in sync. Once the concept was approved and a few tweaks made to add more storage, it was time for the final layout. Click below to see if you can spot the differences between the layout & the actual designed space.

[foogallery id=”12754″]

[foogallery id=”12757″]

For Sarah, Havenly was the key to creating the minimal masculine office she wanted. It was also a great way to save on the stress that comes with trying to design on your own.

“[With Havenly], I eliminated so much time, energy, and stress that goes along with picking out dozens of individual items from multiple stores that, in the end, might not actually work together. And as someone who was moving and needed to buy a ton of furniture anyways, it was like why wouldn’t I do this?!” – Sarah

Explore more of this minimal masculine office design below!

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