Danielle’s Modern Bohemian Tudor

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WORDS BY Gillian Grefe

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Published on March 26, 2020

After ten years of living in the hustle and bustle of New York City, Danielle Chiprut and her husband were ready for a change. The visual merchandiser and interior designer has created beautiful retail spaces across the globe, but her transition into residential design with Havenly made her realize she was ready to conquer her own space.

The couple packed up their pups and apartment and ended up purchasing a 1930s English Tudor on the south shore of Long Island.

“The first time we saw our home, our hearts exploded! The house was overflowing with character and original details. Wide wooden beams lined the living room ceiling, archways connected one room to another, and there were built-ins and nooks galore,” recalls Danielle. 

After one look, Danielle knew the quirky home’s character would complement the couple’s eclectic and bohemian style. “I was hoping to create a home that was warm, welcoming, and bursting with love. A home that would be filled with friends, family, and the unique treasures we found or inherited along the way.”

From the curb, the 1930s Tudor could easily be mistaken for a gingerbread house. The five-bedroom home is unique for the era it was built in that it’s filled with natural light.

Danielle wanted to express her style while highlighting the property’s one of a kind elements, including the framed archways on either side of the room and the ceiling’s solid wood beams. To draw attention to the natural wood beams and add dimension to the living room, Danielle opted for crisp white walls.

A major element of Danielle’s design is the furniture she and her husband inherited. In the years before purchasing the home, Danielle lost both of her parents. After such a difficult period, she knew she wanted to put down roots and honor her parents by incorporating some of their furniture into the home’s design.

The inspiration for the home’s color palette stems from a bold bohemian rug passed down from Danielle’s mother. “I am a huge lover of jewel tones and this rug showcases my perfect palette. Honestly, if I could decorate every room in indigo and teal, I would!”

That includes her mother’s striking navy Chesterfield, featured prominently in the living room behind the starburst design coffee table. “When we were looking for houses, I kept this sofa top of my mind! I knew I wanted it to be front and center—it’s a major showstopper.”

sculptural wall hanging

There’s also her mother’s tea cart, which Danielle repurposed as a bar cart in the dining room. The cart was originally white, but Danielle repainted it to complement the mixed metals throughout the house. “It’s a perfect addition to the space.” The metal offers a bright counterpoint to the solid walnut dining table and eclectic assortment of dining room chairs.

Danielle’s design is a fusion of the home’s structure, her inherited furniture, and the modern bohemian aesthetic she and her husband share. “I wanted to create a globally-inspired home that was full of love, and a true reflection of my husband and me.”

The couple’s bohemian sensibilities are on full display in the bedroom. Textures in the furniture and bedding mingle to create a cozy atmosphere. And the bold blue walls make the layered white bedding pop against the natural wood headboard.

“Every nook and cranny is bursting with our design style and an expression of us,” Danielle explains. 

While the home looks picture-perfect now, Danielle admits that the experience was a process. “Beautiful and thoughtful homes take time, so don’t rush it! Invest in pieces that you truly love. Each of the pieces we purchased was thought out, and now they make my heart flutter every time I see them!”

That’s one of the reasons Danielle enjoys her work with Havenly clients so much. “My greatest joy is helping my clients create homes that radiate warmth,” she says. “I love that I’m able to work with clients across the country and develop my skills as an interior designer.”

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Words by Havenly Staff