It’s Official: The Après Ski Fashion Trend Is Making Its Way Home

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WORDS BY Kelsey Clark

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Published on February 14, 2022

Whether or not you’ve ever stepped foot onto a ski resort, there’s something undeniably cool about that “fresh off the slopes” style. Sartorially speaking, it often includes a chunky Fair Isle sweater, classic leggings, and alpine accessories from pom hats and wool gloves to shearling-lined snow boots – and of course, a steamy hot toddy.

But now, we’re pleased to report that slope style is officially making its way into the home.  Blame it on our unending post-2020 desire for all things cozy, comforting, and nostalgic, but the mountain-inspired design meets modern cabin aesthetic checks all three boxes (and beyond).

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Fortunately, you don’t have to have an actual log cabin decor ideas to channel the Après ski look — this aesthetic is all about quintessential hygge patterns and textures like reclaimed wood, shearling, bouclé, and faux fur.

But however you decide to lean into cabin decor ideas, remember: this is definitely an “inspired by” situation, not a literal interpretation. You don’t need to mount snowshoes to the wall or invest in an antler chandelier — slope style is more about the cozy, laid-back R&R atmosphere than a kitschy display of gear.

Why We're Loving It

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One word: coziness! From the rustic wood tones to mountains of throw pillows and cable-knit blankets, the mere thought of this look inspires warmth, comfort, and restful bliss. It’s a stylistic nod to winter hibernation that you can enjoy all year long. With a few choice design elements, you can bring home the feel of roaring fireplaces, quiet snowfall, and warm cocktails (even if you have a studio apartment in the heart of the city).

Aspen vs. Alps

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In our opinion, the après ski at home look can go one of two ways: modern Aspen-inspired getaway, or rustic cabin-in-the-woods à la the Swiss alps. If you lean towards the luxe Aspen look, stick to a base of winter whites and warm woods with the subtlest hint of timeless plaid. If the Alps and a cozy modern cabin is more your sweet spot, layer in classic mountain tones like dark greens, rich navy blues, and even hints of Spilled Wine alongside Pendleton-esque patterns and a touch of (vegan) animal hides.

Slope Style Edit: Key Design Elements

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No matter your chosen locale, the après ski design trend definitely has a few defining elements. Here’s how to channel the modern cabin look at home this winter, and beyond:

  • Start with a clean palette of crisp winter whites and warm woods
  • For something a little more modern, dial it up with high contrast black accents
  • For a classic Ralph Lauren vibe, lean into dark greens, navy blues, and deep reds
  • Feature rich, reclaimed woods that tell a story
  • Mix and match contemporary furniture with vintage accents
  • Embrace all of the textures! Boucle, shearling, fur, leather, linen, and more
  • Layer in thick wool rugs that beg you to kick off your shoes (or boots)
  • Skip the antlers and consider hides and other animal prints for a subtle mountain nod (can go the vegan route if preferred!)
  • Opt for timeless patterns like plaids, Scandinavian crosses, and even a hint of Fair Isle
  • Candlelight will make it all that much more magical (bonus points for Frasier Fir scents)
  • Spirited cocoa and snow-covered mountain views optional (though one can dream!)

Craving a cozier home, a la après style? We’ve got you — check out our design packages to get started!

Words by Kelsey Clark