5 Spa-Inspired Ideas for Small Bathrooms

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Published on May 6, 2020

We can’t go to the spa right now, and yet we need a self-care moment more than ever. Fortunately, Havenly designer Robyn Pleggenkuhle has plenty of ideas for creating a spa-like retreat within your bathroom. While creating a spa-inspired space might be easier with a palatial master suite, these tips are specifically designed for small bathrooms. No need for huge square footage with these clever, relaxing ideas.

“Upgrading your bathroom doesn’t have to involve tearing down walls or replacing large fixtures,” Robyn says. “You can completely transform the look of a small bathroom—not to mention increase efficiency and storage capacity—by changing out your towel bars and bath accessories.” Robyn suggests adding a towel bar in an updated, warmer finish for additional storage, and purchase chic, refillable soap dispensers and lotion dispensers for a uniform look.

Soft goods and bath linens also allow for a great, inexpensive refresh,” Robyn says. A minimal or textured (think waffle weave) shower curtain or new fluffy towel set can help make you feel like you’re staying at a luxury hotel.

Spa-inspired small bathroom ideas all have one thing in common: organization. “A disorganized bathroom contributes to a disorganized mind! Organize your beauty supplies like cotton balls and swabs in a countertop caddy, basket or coordinating jars to help make a spa look and keep those essentials close at hand,” Robyn says.

Organization extends to soft goods, too: neatly fold and stack your towels, and if you have a bathtub, add a tray or caddy that sits on the edge for an instant, spa-like transformation to corral bath products and washcloths.

Robyn recommends using wall planters to save countertop space and draw the eye upward while incorporating greenery. Next, introduce soothing scents through candles or diffusers — “linen, lavender and eucalyptus are some great options to contribute to a sanctuary-like feeling,” Robyn says. Continue the zen vibe with a slatted bamboo mat instead of a fabric mat.

The key to a spa-inspired bathroom is opting for natural elements over synthetic ones whenever possible. That means cotton or bamboo towels, glass bath accessories instead of plastic, natural loofahs, wooden decor ladders, and candles or diffusers with natural scents, Robyn says. “Artwork depicting nature scenes in soothing green or soft blue palettes are a favorite, too: think seascape scenes and botanicals,” she says.

Robyn’s last tip for spa-inspired small bathroom ideas is all about texture. “Tactile surfaces are soothing and warm, not sterile,” she says. A slatted bamboo mat, waffle-weave shower curtain, Turkish towels, and loofahs are all wonderful examples of incorporating texture to create a sensory experience.

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Words by Sara Watson