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Published on April 13, 2020

Creating a relaxing escape for you to call home is our designers’ MO. So when choosing furniture and accessories for the space, calling upon inspiration from Mother Earth herself is the key to a serene space. 

“Bringing natural elements into your home can create a more warm and inviting space to relax and unwind, reconnecting you with nature,” says Senior Interior Designer Chelsea Graham. Through neutral color palettes, rich, earthy textures, and materials straight from nature, you can evoke the calming, rooted feeling time in the fresh air can bring. 

Step into the great outdoors without leaving your four walls with these four insider tips, straight from our designers.

“Using natural materials such as organic cotton, jute, rattan, reclaimed wood, and leather are some of the perfect materials to achieve a natural look,” Chelsea advises. Go big with a jute area rug or twisting wooden stool, or accent with smaller statement pieces such as a glass vase or petrified wood coasters

“To create an organic vibe, I like to mix items made of natural materials in curved shapes and forms with more boxy, rectilinear furniture and decor pieces,” says Senior Designer Robyn Pleggenkuhle. “This helps create a feeling of overall balance and brings in movement and energy to the space, as well as a feeling of bringing the outdoors in.”

When furnishing a family room, consider a marble coffee table poised on a jute area rug, or a stone side table adorned with a seagrass table lamp. The juxtaposition of organic textures and shapes keeps the room exciting while bringing the outdoors in.

Classic / Bohemian / Farmhouse / Rustic / Transitional Living Room Interior Design by Lisa

Organic design isn’t just about bringing natural elements in, but summoning the sense of peace and relaxation being in nature provides. “Curvilinear patterns on rugs, curtains, pillows and artwork or those featuring outdoor scenes or organic abstract shapes are evocative of nature,” says Robyn.

Try an ocean-blue wool rug to pull in the sentiment of the sea or a minimalistic framed plant print to remind you to take a deep breath. Sometimes the simplest of details can make the most impact on how you feel when walking into a room.

“Going organic doesn’t always mean you have to go with a neutral color palette, but can be highlighted with greenery or even the use of flower-dyed cotton,” Chelsea says. For pops of color, try flower-dyed pillows. Or, truly bring the outdoors in with houseplants. Faux trees and succulents offer a low-maintenance alternative for those lacking a green thumb. 

Hanging plants, potted trees, and vases of fresh-cut flowers are all ways to accessorize with the colors of nature while purifying the air you breathe.

Natural design goes beyond the elements brought into your home — it’s about protecting and preserving nature in the process. 

“It’s always best to source from companies that use more natural and eco friendly practices, such as reclaimed wood that was previously a barn and now reused to be a table,” says Chelsea. “This gives you peace of mind that your materials and furniture were sourced with Mama Earth in mind.”

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Words by Havenly Staff