TV Star Zuri Hall’s L.A. Living Room is Peak California Cool

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WORDS BY Gillian Grefe

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Published on July 19, 2022

When Zuri Hall first toured her 1990 Los Angeles house, the Access Hollywood correspondent  immediately knew it would become her home. With airy, double-height rooms, a compelling layout, and contemporary angles, the modern abode had the exact bones she was looking for. The finishes, however, left something to be… well, desired.

Zuri Hall living room makeover

“It was so dark,” she remembers. “I’m talking about a wild mashup of red and dark gray accent walls, charcoal-colored tiles, gray carpets, and old-school granite countertops in the kitchen. It all felt quite dated and gave off major bachelor pad vibes.” Even the walls were a cold, sterile white.

Zuri completely revamped the place with warm white interior paint, white oak accents, and brushed gold hardware. She also swapped out the tile floors for a white oak-style LVF—an ideal low-maintenance surface for having a new puppy—and installed creamy, off-white low-pile carpet in the living room for a cozy-chic feel.

Zuri Hall living room before and after

When it came to furnishing the home, Zuri needed to call in reinforcements—insert the experts at Havenly. After carefully reviewing portfolios, she enlisted Havenly designer Catrina Wyrick to brighten up and add depth to the space.

“I was very excited to support a talented, up-and-coming Black designer,” Zuri says. “Her Havenly designs showed me she could capture the perfect balance of modern soul and timeless, easy elegance. She also told me she lived in Germany for a few years, and spent lots of time traveling in Europe, so it was exciting to see how she infused my design with globally-inspired accents.”

With a palette of warm neutrals, pops of muted color, and multiple layers of texture, Catrina and Zuri curated a welcoming, California-cool living room that’s equally optimized for lounging and entertaining. Here’s exactly how the creative duo pulled it off.

Brightening the Scene

neutral living room with cozy white sectional, jute rug, and glass coffee table

Though Zuri’s paint and carpet choices had already significantly lightened up the living room, Catrina opted for an oversized ivory sectional and matching poufs to solidify the bright, breezy vibe. She made sure, though, that Zuri wouldn’t need to be too precious with the off-white sofa, which is located in a high-traffic area.

modern glass coffee table and white sectional on jute rug

“It was important to me that my ivory couch not become more of a burden than a blessing,” Zuri explains. “I have a puppy and high traction in my living room. The cushion covers are all removable, which makes it so much easier to clean, while maintaining this bright and airy aesthetic I was going for!”

Designing Depth

Leather accent chair with cactus and vintage rug

Catrina added depth to the design by layering a variety of textures. She juxtaposed the organic-looking Venetian plaster fireplace and a natural jute rug with a glass and brass coffee table, then paired a comfy leather accent chair with a potted cactus for a reading nook vignette by the floor-to-ceiling windows. With throw blankets and pillows, she introduced woven fabrics in retro hues like mustard yellow and burnt orange.

Incorporating Personality

McGee & Co cabinet in modern living room

To infuse the space with Zuri’s playful personality, Catrina hung colorful art and filled a striking iron Studio McGee cabinet with Zuri’s most cherished heirlooms, memories, and awards. “There’s an original photo of my parents with a handwritten love note on the back that my dad gave to my mom when they first started dating,” Zuri shares. “And there are two of my Papa’s hats – he’s my mother’s father – and he and I were very close. He passed away almost a decade ago, but I feel his spirit always… and it’s so special to have such a beautiful reminder of his presence in a room that I spend so much time in.”

styled cabinet in Emmy winner Zuri Hall's living room

Zuri also displays her dad’s ‘70s vinyl of Stevie Wonder’s Songs In The Key of Life, her well-earned Emmy award, and a newly-received young alumni award from her alma mater, Ohio State University. The result is a deeply personal living room that serves as the center of the home. The perfect lounging pad to rest and recharge post red carpet moments.

Fast Five with Zuri Hall

Zuri Hall's cali cool living room makeover

Three things you can’t live without? My loved ones (which are technically people, not things, ha) are number one. Then, my iPhone and wine! If people can’t count, then maybe delicious food? There’s not much materialistically that I’m so attached to I couldn’t survive without it. But good food gets me more excited than just about anything else.

Three words to describe your home and personal style? Chic. Cozy. Warm.

What does your Friday night look like? I’m either curled up on my couch with a big glass of red wine, binging historical dramas… or out to a trendy new restaurant (Italian and steakhouses are my faves!), followed by dancing my heart out at a dive bar or karaoke spot. The Gemini in me is a woman of extreme opposites.

Weirdest thing we might find hidden in your sofa cushions? Probably one of Lola’s puppy treats that’s gone rogue.

How might we find you relaxing in this room? Big Lounge Energy, always. I’m always so dressed up and done up for red carpets and TV studio work, so as soon as I get home and hit my living room, it’s my safe space to unwind, get comfortable, and enjoy some major self-care. I love cozy loungewear that feels luxurious but low maintenance—sweats, joggers, and crop tops in cotton, linen, and stretch boucle yarn are my faves.

Words by Morgan Goldberg