Room Recipe: Luxe

Time Several Hours

Budget $ $$$

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WORDS BY Kelly O'Reilly

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Published on April 26, 2021

Lovers of all things luxe, you know who you are. Your dream space looks good, feels great, and glows with glamour. More is more in your luxe world, but with the right amount of elegance to keep things rich but still refined. 

You don’t necessarily have to have a rich budget to recreate the rooms of Paris’ grand hotels, just a grasp on the ingredients of luxe style. Sort of like a souffle, it’s indulgent and special—but one you can totally pull off yourself. We asked Havenly designer Melissa Wagner for the room recipe to whip it up.

Layers of Lighting

“From high to low, lighting is essential for curating the specific vibes you’re looking for,” says Melissa. Whether that’s dim and moody or bright and social, she goes for chandeliers, sconces, floor lamps, table lamps, picture lights—the works. Once you’ve got the right glow, you’re ready to show off every surface.

Rich and Reflective

A hallmark of the luxe look are the right, rich materials like velvet, faux fur, cashmere, and silk. “These materials shimmer and move, creating a bit of personality that is never stagnant,” says Melissa. 

Complementing the soft sheen of these textures are finishes that shine and reflect. You set the stage with lighting—hello, ambience!—now catch it with mirror, brass, chrome and high-gloss surfaces. “They’ll flicker in a way that adds sparkle you can’t miss, but can’t quite put your finger on,” says Melissa. 

Pretty Palettes

For that perfect injection of glamour into the sheen of these surroundings, go with a palette of tone-on-tone neutrals or jewel tones. The choice is yours, says Melissa, and gives you the chance to personalize your space. 

Animal Accents

With your color foundation in place, you’re free to get a little wild. Whether you’re working with soft neutrals or rich jewel hues, a textural (faux) animal skin adds a glamorous flourish. “Whether it’s a cheetah print or a raised faux crocodile texture, you can implement patterns and texture,” says Melissa. Her suggestions on where to stick the skins: a pillow collection, rugs, artwork, or decor pieces like boxes, trays and vases. 

Curves Over Corners

The softness theme carries over into your silhouettes. Melissa suggests upping that luxe factor with soft edges by integrating accent chairs with a rounded arms, an oval bench, or a scrolling sofa back. While square or tailored can still be considered luxe, those curves create a more cohesive ideal. 

Tongue-in-Cheek Top-off

So, up until this point we’ve been dreaming up this soft and shiny space, but the cherry on top of this decadent sundae is a little pop of personality. Melissa’s advice: feel free to surprise things with something unexpected like a gilded animal figure, ceramic bust vase, or a traditional painting with a twist that makes you do a double-take. 

These tongue-in-cheek pieces will round out the luxe vibe, because if you want it to feel wonderful, you want it to be fun. “Life is good in a luxe home,” says Melissa. “And these irreverent elements will keep it feeling like a party.” 

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Words by Kelly O’Reilly