11 Moody Bedroom Design Ideas For a Cool Yet Cozy Sleep Sanctuary

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WORDS BY Rebecca Deczynski

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Published on August 2, 2023

You should feel totally at ease in any room of your home — but that’s especially true for your bedroom. As the place where you start and end each day, your bedroom should feel representative of you, capturing your personal style and ensuring you feel completely relaxed whenever you’re in the space. 

Interior design can be so subjective — so while one person may love bright and breezy bedrooms, maybe a darker, moodier vibe is more your speed. That’s a style that many of Havenly’s design pros love; so, they’ve perfected the art of creating a bedroom adorned with darker hues and interesting textures in order to create sanctuaries for clients and even, sometimes, themselves.

If white or brightly colored walls aren’t quite your thing, it might be time to try a darker, more dramatic look. Here are 11 moody bedroom design ideas to get the inspiration flowing.

Modern classic

Moody bedroom | Moody bedroom ideas

This bedroom designed by Havenly lead designer Brady Burke is proof that even minimalists can embrace a moodier style. The white bedspread gives off a classic hotel look, while charcoal gray walls and a matching rug lend the space a modern, intimate feel. Playful touches, like a Sputnik chandelier and a layered cowhide rug, keep it from looking too formal.

Dark romantic

Moody bedroom | Moody bedroom ideas

In his own guest room, Brady creates a cozy contemporary space with all-over black walls. The organic texture of the walls adds dimension to the darkly hued room, while a black floral bed frame gives it a romantic touch. A few warm accents — tan Euro pillows and a wooden nightstand — round out the space.

Vivid eccentric

Moody bedroom | Moody bedroom ideas

“Moody” doesn’t have to mean all-black-everything. In fact, this dark color can sometimes be most impactful when used in a concentrated way — like a black patterned accent wall, as seen in this space by Havenly designer Marie Lacote. The detail pulls together the maximalist space, giving the bright pinks, yellows, and blues a perfect complement.

Serene glamor

Moody bedroom | Moody bedroom ideas

Long emerald green drapes emphasize the height of the ceilings in this bedroom, in addition to adding dimension to its dark blue walls. These two elements make this bedroom look moody and relaxing, while leopard print accent pillows and faux fur stools add a cheeky, glamorous touch to the space.

Farmhouse flair

Moody bedroom | Moody bedroom ideas

This bedroom by Havenly designer Kylee Trunck takes modern farmhouse style and gives it a fresh twist that plays up the unique architecture of the space. A black and white shiplap accent wall frames the bed with a built-in appearance. The dark paint also makes a great background for one of the room’s more elevated details: a stunning chandelier.

Clean and crisp

Moody bedroom | Moody bedroom ideas

In Havenly designer Vivian Torres’s apartment, crisply painted black walls set a perfect foundation for her clean, modern style. Patterned details — like throw pillows, a quilt, and ombre table lamps, give the space plenty of personality. Long white drapes and a black drum lamp overhead are the perfect finishing touches.

Contemporary cozy

Moody bedroom | Moody bedroom ideas

Image credit: The Inside

When you want your bedroom to feel like a warm, cozy cocoon, don’t underestimate the power of black paint. Applied to the walls, window frames, and ceiling of this bedroom, the dark color has an instantly grounding effect. And because it’s neutral, it pairs well with natural textures — like a rattan chandelier and wooden side tables — as well as pattern-mixed textiles. 

Plush and dreamy

Moody bedroom | Moody bedroom ideas

Image credit: Interior Define

Surprise: You can create a moody bedroom, even with white walls (good news for renters!). The secret is in choosing colors and textures that evoke the feeling of a warm hug. In this space, a plum-colored bed frame gets pride of place, while taupe textiles contribute to the dreamy look.

Serene green

Moody bedroom | Moody bedroom ideas

Image credit: The Inside

Proof that bold colors and bold patterns are a perfect match! These greenery-printed bed frames from The Inside pop against dark, blue-green walls. The secret to making this combination work is keeping everything else simple, like woven accents and classic bedspreads.

Lush and luxe

Moody bedroom | Moody bedroom ideas

Image credit: Julia Arceri

No dark colors are necessary to create a sumptuous, moody space. In Julia Arceri’s bedroom, a neutral color palette that favors taupes and beiges creates a cozy vibe, while elevated details — a crystal chandelier, pillar candlesticks, and a tall, structured bed frame from The Inside — evoke a sense of luxury.

Mixed materials

Moody bedroom | Moody bedroom ideas

Image Credit: Emily Bolt

Plum-colored walls pull together all the different, unique elements of Emily Bold’s eclectic bedroom: Shibori curtains, a chartreuse quilt, a floral headboard, and personality-packed lamps. The result is a space that feels comfortable yet style-forward.

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Words by Rebecca Deczynski