4 Designer-Approved Tips to Shopping Local Home Decor

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WORDS BY Erica Buehler

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Published on July 2, 2021

While we are all for an online shopping spree (and by that we mean, it’s one of our all time favorite things), there’s really never been a better time to shop locally. Supporting small and local businesses is great for you, the business, the economy, and… wait for it… the world! Talk about a win-win-win-WIN. 

But when it comes to interior design and finding the right styles and pieces to suit your space, relying on whichever shops happen to be close by can seem rather limiting. Fear not! Havenly Lead Designer Brady Burke is sharing his best tips on successfully shopping locally. 

So grab yourself a cup of coffee (or wine if that’s your thing), get cozy, and read on for Brady’s tried-and-tested advice on where, when, and how to shop furniture and decor in your community.

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Start Small

If you’ve got your arsenal of local shops at the ready and need a game plan, keep things small and simple — focus more on the details of your space, not the big pieces. Antique shops, estate sales, and boutiques are great for piecing together little accents that you love. As Brady put it,

My favorite pieces to source locally are the details. Find a local design shop or antique store to fill your shelves and surfaces with special, one-of-a-kind treasures. These smaller and more unique moments are what make a house a home and I always find my favorite accessories at shops around town.

Not sure where to start? Think about trinkets you’d like to see on shelves or mantels, bright pops of art prints or gilded mirrors, or accent pillows that perfect your favorite couch. Not only will they add an imitable sense of character (see more below), it also becomes a fun story to tell when someone asks you: “where did you get that?”

Statement Home Furniture

Keep Your Eye Open for Statement Pieces

One of the best parts about shopping locally is knowing you’ll come away with unique pieces that no one else will have, dialing up the originality of your space – which we’re into. Always keep your eyes peeled and your mind open when shopping, especially in vintage and antique stores; sometimes that beautifully intricate accent that you just ‘have to have’ can be layered over with other items, making it difficult to spot. Get into treasure-hunter mode and dig for those peerless pieces that can “make the room,” as Brady says.

“More often than not, local stores will have one-of-a-kind chairs, tables, or furniture items that can be the statement piece to ‘make the room.’ When looking for that one unique accent chair for the corner by your fireplace or the right statement entryway table, local shops are your best bet for distinctive finds.”

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Layer in Locally Sourced Rugs

Another benefit to shopping locally, aside from knowing your pieces will definitely be unique, is knowing the piece you end up loving will look great and will probably come with some cool history. Shopping local is great when looking for rugs since the designs will vary immensely no matter where you are. As Brady puts it, “Rugs are a fantastic piece to buy local because they are often going to come with a unique story and become a coveted item in your home.”

Also, if you’re buying for your first home or simply haven’t had to buy a quality rug before, doing so locally can be a great learning experience for the future. “Rugs are a great piece to splurge on since a high-quality rug can last a lifetime, and shopping at a local rug store can be an educational experience where you learn everything you need to know about the value and quality of an area rug.”

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Don’t Forget the Artwork

You might have guessed that shopping locally is also a fantastic way to curate some intriguing, unique, and sometimes locally made art pieces. When it comes to shopping locally for artwork, you have a ton of options, too; spot vintage finds at an antique store, flea market, or estate sale, or use the opportunity to explore galleries in your area. 

“A local gallery, or even a farmer’s market, is going to be the best place to source authentic artwork, and support local artists. Curating local art allows you to fill your home with unique pieces that have soul and story. You’ll never fear running out of topics at your next cocktail party if your home is filled with locally made masterpieces!”

And good news, your Havenly designer can help you weave your fave local finds into a cohesive room design that highlights your unique style. Discover your perfect designer with our style quiz.

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Words by Erica Buehler