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4 Great Small Bedroom Design Ideas

Pinterest is full of great design ideas for palatial bedrooms, but some of us aren’t so lucky. If your bedroom is more tiny than expansive, we’ve got some great small bedroom design ideas to make your space shine!

1. Figure Out Your Essentials

Any small space demands extra thought about what furniture you truly need. Obviously, a bed is important. But, is a California King really necessary? Do you need two big nightstands, or something smaller? Is your closet large enough for drawers or do you require a dresser? Take inventory of your storage needs and be realistic about your space. A full size wardrobe might not be possible, but with some clever space planning you might be surprised how well your small bedroom can turn out.

2. Buy Pieces at the Right Scale

Scale is a concept designers think about a lot. For a small bedroom, you’ll want furniture that fits the scale of the room. This is not the place for a huge, heavy, dark bed. Instead, consider slender, more delicate pieces. Visual weight is also impacted by color, so your small bedroom might benefit from pieces made of lighter woods or painted in airy colors.

3. Find Hidden Storage Opportunities

Small spaces demand clever storage solutions. For you small bedroom, the under bed is a huge opportunity to store those items you don’t need very often. Out of season clothing, extra shoes…whatever you can fit. Get a bed that’s a little higher off the ground and you’ll have more space! You can disguise your storage hack with simple, elegant boxes (try the container store), or even a bedskirt.

If you have space for a bench or chair, consider using a storage piece that opens up for extra space! You can always hide extra linens or towels safely out of the way. You can also use a chest of drawers as an end table with some smart space planning, which makes for even more storage!

4. Layout is Important

Even the best organization can’t make up for a bad layout. Function is important here. Place your bed where you’ll get light and consider whether you need both sides to be accessible. For a dresser, make sure you can open the drawers. Think about your traffic patterns and arrange your space to suit them— clear the way to the bathroom or closet so you don’t bump your shins.

If you still need help finding the perfect design for your small bedroom, chat with a Havenly designer!

Words by Kate Connors