Styles That Go Together: A Love Story

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Published on February 14, 2017

With love in the air, it’s only fitting that we talk about styles that work well together. Like pancakes and syrup and ice cream and sprinkles, there are styles that when paired together create something magical! In fact, when you take our Havenly Style Survey, you’ll likely find that you love more than one style. Like couples who move in together, some styles will be a better match for one another than others.

Mixing styles keeps your home feeling dynamic and unique! Shapes, lines and colors all work together to create an overall feeling for your space and, when you use a variety of them in your space, it creates that unique and personalized character that we strive for in our homes. Read on for some of our favorite style couples that we guarantee you’ll fall for!

Parisian & Glam

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This is an easy combo to love. It’s not hard to think of stylish french women, strolls by the Seine and wine when you think of Paris. That’s why adding in glam elements like crystal and velvet elevate the romance of Parisian style. Mix ornate Parisian pieces with a statement chandelier to get the look.

Boho & Minimal

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So often we see boho rooms with several layers of fabrics, rugs and textures. Creating a minimal boho style, however, really allows for the natural materials and texture to shine on their own! Consider adding a boho rug and pillows while keeping the rest of the space clean and neutral to get this look.

Modern & Vintage

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These two styles are a match made in heaven! A little old and a little new provide such a striking balance to any space. Many designers believe that any space should have something old or vintage in it to make it feel more lived in, or like it has a bit of a history. Try a vintage rug with a modern coffee table or a vintage art piece with a modern sofa to create your own style match.

Mixing styles can help you gain that collected-over-time look that keeps your space interesting and uniquely you. What style couples are your favorite to pair up? Remember, if you’re moving in together or just looking for help with mixing styles, the Havenly designers are ready and waiting!