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Last week, you heard from Havenly designer Kelsey Fischer about how she’s making the most of summer. To keep the conversation going, we asked Vivian Torres to share how she’s bringing the outdoors in, what she’s packing for outdoor picnics, and more.

What are your favorite pieces you’re sourcing this summer?

One of my favorites is planters, particularly the Pod Planter from CB2 because it looks good with all types of plants.

Pod Planter

How are you bringing the outdoors indoors this summer?

By adding at least one plant to each design and using natural elements like jute, cane, and concrete.

Vivian’s recent designs that feature these materials and organic textures:

Traditional / Rustic / Transitional Living Room by Vivian

What’s a summer trend you hate?

A trend that I don’t necessarily hate, but I definitely won’t miss if it goes away, is the use of macrame and similar hangings. Also, while I like succulents, I think they are overused.

What are park or beach essentials this summer?

Sandwiches. I don’t discriminate–I love them all! Also, a nice cold beverage like rosé or maybe beer. And of course, a nice, cozy outdoor blanket to sit on.

What type of flatware and tableware do you recommend?

For flatware, it depends on the use case. If you’re entertaining, then I would go with something a bit heavier, like CB2’s 20-Piece Silhouette Brushed Black Flatware Set.

But for everyday use, you want something more lightweight. My go-to is CB2’s 20-Piece Kat Silver Flatware Set.

20-Piece Kat Silver Flatware Set.

Words by Erika Torvik