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We Think We Know How Meghan Will Decorate Her Nursery

Yesterday morning, Their Royal Highnesses the Duke and Duchess of Sussex welcomed a healthy baby boy into the world. As we wait anxiously for the couple to share his name and title–and maybe even a picture or two!–we’re daydreaming about his nursery.

When Meghan Markle announced her pregnancy in October of last year, one of our designers, Tracie Battle, took to planning. She drew inspiration from Buckingham Palace, William and Kate’s Apartment 1A, and Kensington Palace.

Given Meghan’s relaxed disposition, it was only fitting that Battle incorporate a few organic elements to soften the formality of classic interior design. The neutral color palette, natural woven textures, and fiddle leaf fig do just that!
The gingham style wallpaper and English roll-arm glider create comfort via nostalgia as they pay homage to Harry’s childhood.
So, how non-royals replicate the elegance of this rendering?

1. Install Wallpaper

“Wallpaper is making a surprising comeback, after being seemingly exiled to the ’70s and ’80s,” says Battle.

2. Adapt as the Baby Grows

Cream and beige are far more versatile than traditional pastels. And decorative wall art can also be easily exchanged to suit children’s ever-changing preferences.

3. Mix Old and New

Around the time of Harry’s birth, royal families designed nurseries around elaborate bassinets. Antique chandeliers are another way to celebrate the past.

Whether you’re a royal or not, Battle’s nursery decorating advice is the perfect way to create a space that’s classic and elegant enough for a duchess.

Words by Kate Connors