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It’s that time of year, when thoughts turn to spring break (or the school’s spring break), spring fashion and of course spring cleaning. That annual ritual of throwing open the windows and giving your home a good attic-to-basement scrubbing.

The benefits of spring cleaning reach beyond the walls of your dusted, vacuumed, aired-out rooms. Spring cleaning has been linked to an improved mood, boosted creativity, decreased stress and increased physical activity—not just during cleaning but afterwards.

So prioritize time for spring cleaning this year, even if it’s just an hour or two every weekend. Your home will look better, and you’ll feel better.  

For pro tips for spring cleaning, we turned to Havenly interior designer Robyn Pleggenkuhle, who has completed more than 4,700 designs for Havenly since 2015. Here are Robyn’s favorite cleaning tips and tricks for a mean spring clean. 

Spring Cleaning Tip 1: Get in the Right Headspace

Cleaning doesn’t have to be a chore when you put on your favorite Spotify playlist and adopt a positive outlook (hint: focus on how great your place will look once you’re done).

Robyn loves cleaning windows, for example, and you can understand why once she explains: “I like being able to spend time outside when it’s finally warmed up, breathing the fresh air, getting a nice workout and literally wiping away the remnants of winter.

“It’s the ultimate cleaning-related way to celebrate spring for me.”

You can also up the appeal of spring cleaning by using products you love (Robyn is a fan of these lemongrass ginger soaps and sprays). She also reaches for “eco-friendly and attractive cleaning sets that are pretty enough to sit out on the counter.” 

And she’s been known to concoct her own hard-surface cleaning solution with vinegar, distilled water, lavender oil and tea tree oil.

Spring Cleaning Tip 2: Declutter Your Way to Joy

You’ve done a lot of living since last spring, and you’ve undoubtedly accumulated more stuff. It just happens. That’s why spring cleaning is a great time to declutter. 

“Don’t try to do everything at once,” Robyn says. “Set small goals, like clearing out one drawer or one corner of a closet.”

As you remove each item, keep only those things that you truly love or use often, and divide the other items into piles for repairing, donating or, for the hopelessly irredeemable, recycling or throwing away.  

“Recruit an objective friend to help you make the tough decisions about what you don’t really need anymore,” Robyn says.

Spring Cleaning Tip 3: Really Clear the Air

What’s the best investment of your spring-cleaning time? 

Removing built-up dust and grime from appliances, Robyn says. When was the last time you cleaned the clothes dryer vent, air-conditioner vents and ducts, the grill at the bottom of the refrigerator or a frozen-solid freezer?

“Keeping everything in great working order will help avoid potentially costly repairs,” says Robyn.

And, in the case of anything related to your A/C system or your ceiling fans, a clean sweep will “give your lungs and any allergies some relief.” 

Breathe even easier by putting this New Comfort air purifier to work. This compact unit acts as an air humidifier, air deodorizer, air purifier, air revitalizer, air sanitizer, aromatherapy and fragrance machine. 

Clean air, don’t care.

Spring Cleaning Tip 4: Add the Finishing Touches

Tips for spring cleaning aren’t complete unless they include a few ideas for finishing touches. Like we said, this is about clearing your mind and starting fresh as much as it mopping and polishing. 

Down-and-dirty spring updates like swapping out winter-patterned throw pillows, faux-fur accent rugs and cozy throw blankets for textures and patterns more suitable for spring are easy, affordable ways to update your spaces without investing in a major overhaul. 

Also consider refreshing decor in high-traffic areas, like the entryway, where a modern print of tulips could welcome you home, or the coffee table in the family room, where this sunny retro serving tray would add instant spring sunshine. 

And, as always, the addition of fresh flowers or a new plant—Robyn suggests the forgiving Hedgehog Aloe—breathes springlike freshness into a space year-round.

Now that your home is so fresh, so clean, pinpoint your unique interior design style with our quiz.

Words by Staci Sturrock