How (and Where) to Buy Affordable Online Rugs

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Published on October 8, 2019

Shopping for a rug online can feel like searching for a magic carpet, and frankly, nobody has time for that. Havenly designer Heather Goerzen shares her recommendations for what seems to be the question of the century: Where (and how) to buy an affordable area rug online. Whether you’re on the hunt for a new rug or just looking for some help styling what you already have, here’s how to create your perfect space from the ground up (without breaking the bank.)

Turns out, it matters. Nothing makes a room feel “off” quite like an ill-fitted rug. Your rug anchors your space,” says Heather, “It creates a feeling of balance and cohesion when scaled properly”. Be sure to keep these next few tips top of mind when shopping for an area rug to fill your space:

Generally, your rug should at least be large enough for the front two legs of your furniture to fit with about one foot of padding under each furniture piece. Arrange your chairs and sofas too close to the border of your rug and your space will feel disjointed and poorly utilized. No matter which room in the house, be sure to leave anywhere between one and two feet of space between the perimeter of the rug and the walls of the room.

A tip from our designers: For rectangular rugs such as this Walsh Medallion Area Rug from Jaipur Living, ensure that the longest side of the rug lies parallel to the largest piece of furniture in the room, usually being the sofa. 

Learn more about the dos and don’ts of arranging your living room here.

  • Bedroom rugs should extend 18-24 inches beyond the edges of the bed on either side. It’ll keep your toes warm and… well, it just looks right.
  • The dining room is where things can get complicated. First, it’s recommended that you match the shape of your rug with that of your dining room table. Round table? Round rug. Rectangular? You know what to do.

The rug, regardless of the shape, “should ideally be large enough to keep all four legs of the dining chairs on the rug when guests are seated at the table,” says Heather. “As a rule of thumb, add 3-4 feet to the length and width of the table to find your perfect rug size.”

When you know what size you’re looking for, it’s time to figure out your style (and where to find it.) Try to experiment with different textures, tones and piles, visualizing what might look best in your space and compliment your aesthetic. For a coastal, bohemian feel, natural fibers such as jute are on-trend and on deck at Surya, where you can find a variety of round and rectangular jute rugs like this 6’ round natural jute option. Add a runner to the mix for a warm “welcome home” into your bohemian paradise. Check out the Surya Ryland Runner and 6’ Round Natural Jute rug.

You can’t miss out on Loloi’s rug selection–their extensive variety and wide range of price points make it a perfect online stop for those looking to style everything from freshman dorms to beach house floors. The best part? You can find nearly each of Loloi’s rugs in any size–the ideal solution for tying several spaces together. The Lily Park – Rust collection, a deep, rusted orange rug made of 100% wool, provides tonal warmth and adds just the right amount of drama and elegance to any space. Go ahead, tell your friends how much you paid for it… or don’t.

Still need help finding the rug of your dreams? Take our style quiz and get matched with one of our designers today.

Words by Morgan Hitz