How to Make Eclectic Design Cohesive in the Bedroom

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WORDS BY Gillian Grefe

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Published on September 1, 2020

For the Renaissance decorator, eclectic design might be the answer. If design styles are a meal, the eclectic diner is heading right to the buffet, borrowing inspiration from everywhere to create a well-rounded room. The best kind of eclectic bedrooms feel effortlessly curated, a little of this mixed with a little of that for a casual “je ne sais quoi” vibe.

However, when you can choose from virtually every influence and style, your bedroom’s design can quickly feel muddled and messy. So how do you free yourself from design constraints while maintaining a sense of harmony? By keeping these principles in mind when designing your eclectic bedroom.

Eclectic literally means drawing “elements from various sources,” so you shouldn’t be afraid to incorporate various trends, eras, and style elements in your bedroom.

To nail that quintessential, bohemian/eclectic mix, it’s all about layering textures. . A vintage-inspired Persian rug for a sense of history,  natural weave baskets, a mid-century modern brass and glass lamp, and plenty of greenery to round things out. 

The same goes for your textiles. A linen duvet becomes a solid styling foundation, piled high with a collection of patterned pillows in various materials, like quilted velvet and faux fur. Mixing textures is a low stakes way to achieve a more eclectic design, making the room feel thoughtfully thrown together in a balanced fashion.

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Want to bring in statement pieces but worry about the room’s design getting too busy? A neutral color on the wall can instantly create a sense of calm, letting other design elements take center stage, like a luxe tufted headboard or an assortment of vibrant greenery

A white, beige, or soft gray wall serves as a blank canvas that invites you to be more daring and playful with the furniture and decor. With this neutral backdrop, you can play with a bold accent color, rustic woods, and vintage decor for a more collected look.  

Proof that an eclectic design can be both statement making and serene, the perfect style for a bedroom space.

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If you could fold a traditional bedroom in half, chances are you’d find some symmetry around the bed, often in sconces, bedside tables, or even art on the wall. 

Asymmetry is the name of the game in an eclectic bedroom. Instead of matching light fixtures on the side of the bed, try a table lamp on one side and an adjustable wall sconce on the other. You can also swap  the dual set of nightstands. for a study in contrasts. Juxtapose a marble and metal end table on one side with a taller rattan dresser on the other side, topped with art for more asymmetrical verticality.

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Eclectic design can range from understated cool to bold statement pieces. The trick to big bold design moves in an eclectic bedroom is keeping each element from not overwhelming or diminishing the impact of another. Tons of busy, bold patterns will create visual noise, while a few select pieces can make a room’s design perfect. 

Set the stage for impact in the bedroom with a striking, statement wallpaper. From there, you can mix and match styles across different elements of the bedroom. Try low-profile mismatching nightstands in neutral tones juxtaposed with a simple rustic bed frame and solid drape that doesn’t take too much attention away from the show-stopping wall.

Choosing big personality moments in your bedroom design might feel intimidating, but it’s simply about balance. A big moment on the walls might mean an understated bed and vice versa. The one thing you don’t have to compromise on is style.

If you like to have your cake and eat it too (for example, you love mid-century furniture as well as boho style), eclectic design might be the direction for you. Simply keep these guiding principles in mind as you have fun mixing and matching for a character filled space.  

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Words by Emma Diehl