Temperatures are dropping, so it’s time snuggle up by the fire with a winter cocktail and a chunky knit throw to weather out the next snow storm. You’re ready with all of the ingredients for your go-to winter drink of choice, but did you know that your favorite drink can provide insights into your design style too?

Perhaps you are a purist who reaches for a classic hot toddy, or maybe you like to shake things up with a cranberry mojito in the dead of winter. In either case, we think we know a thing or two about your design preferences based on your chosen winter cocktail. Read on to find out what your signature winter drink says about your decor.



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If your holiday season just isn’t complete without eggnog, your home is likely to be warm with rich textures (think shaggy fur, distressed wicker, and hair-on-hide), deep wood tones and refined metallics. You gravitate towards natural materials and animal-inspired accents. We like to think of your style as ‘rustic meets classic’ design.


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Maybe a hot toddy is more in line with your style? If you opt for this timeless warm beverage, we imagine that your decor is curious yet refined, warm and your home has a strong sense of well-rounded sophistication. We would describe your decor as crisp and clean, with just a touch of masculinity, much like some of our favorite mid-century modern spaces.


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Bold, dramatic and statement-making pieces are likely to deck the halls all year long for those who claim mulled wine as their favorite holiday drink. You’re likely drawn to sophisticated, earthy elements with bold embellishments, and would describe your home as a balanced blend between bohemian and eclectic styles.


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The cranberry mojito looks just as pretty as it tastes, and if this is your signature drink, we’d like to think that your design style is always one step ahead of the curve. Clever and unusual twists keep your home at the forefront of the next great interior design trends, and we know you’re not above improving on the classics. This drink and your decor are unexpected, yet totally harmonious, just like our conceptual combination of glam and coastal styles.

Why not let your winter warmer help inspire your next design project? The best part is, once you’ve been inspired you can let our designers do the rest of the heavy lifting with a Havenly design package.

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