Find your style

We sat down with Havenly in-house designers Amber Uhl and Jodi Miller to see how they approach designing home offices that prime them from productivity.

What items are you sourcing in home office designs?

Amber: I’ve been sourcing a lot plants. They add greenery and life to any space. Because they filter the air, plants make any environment feel a little more homey. My favorite plant right now is a fiddle leaf fig from Bloomscape

Jodie: Recently, I’ve been sourcing peg boards. They’re making a comeback, and I think they’re a great addition to an office space.

This gold wall grid from Target is another great option for keeping all your desk clutter free. 

One item you won’t find in the office section is an acrylic frame. You can use it as a frame or as a dry erase board for memos and notes.


Fiddle Leaf Fig from Bloomscape

Do you have tips for creating a space where you can focus when working from home or where kids can do homework?

Amber: I need to keep my space super organized. To me, this means finding a really good desktop organization system. 

Jodie: When I work from home, I have to remove myself from any distractions, like TV or phone.

What do you do to get focused?

Amber: I like to write a list of priorities and assign each a certain amount of time. From there, I set a timer to keep myself on track. I try not to look at anything else until that timer goes off or that task is complete. 

Jodie: I make sure my work surface is clear and I have everything I need–a pen, a pencil, my laptop, and of course, some coffee.

How do you create offices in a multi-purpose or small spaces?

Amber: Keep your furniture cohesive in terms of material and color. Perhaps your coffee table and desk match, and your upholstery compliment each other.  

Jodie: For small spaces, I use minimal and discreet office items such as a desk ladder or a secretary’s desk. With a secretary’s desk you can always close the door and not look at any of your work. A desk ladder you can have decorative items on the shelf so it looks more formal.

Ladder Shelf Desk in Sand/Stone from West Elm

Any suggestions for staying organized with kids?

Amber: I always tell my clients to use bins and label each. This helps you and your kids remember where to put everything when it’s not being used. You can stack these bins on a stylish bookshelf or maybe on floating shelving. West Elm and Pottery Barn have a ton of great options. 

I also use bins to keep my office set up tidy. This always helps me focus on the task in front of me rather than the mess around me. 

Jodie: I second that, Amber! I’m always suggesting concealed storage, so labeled baskets and bins.

What’s your favorite way to take a “brain break”?

Amber: I like to get outside and take a 10-15 minute stroll around the neighborhood. I think it’s important to get a little Vitamin D and give your eyes a true break from the computer screen. 

Jodie: I agree! I usually go for a walk because movement and fresh air helps me clear my mind. 

Words by Erika Torvik