4 Ways to Embrace A Show-Stopping Accent Wall in Your Bedroom

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WORDS BY Erica Buehler

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Published on September 28, 2021

Accent walls will always be in style. They add depth, drama, and color to a room and offer infinite styling possibilities. Bedroom accent walls specifically are great for implementing contrast and making your space feel extra unique. Not only do our designers love them, but they’re a fan fave amongst our clients as well. So we tapped Havenly Lead Designer, Brady Burke, for pro tips on how to pull off a stunning bedroom accent wall with signature style.

“Bedroom walls are a great place to add a personal touch,” Brady explains. “They’re tucked away from the rest of your space, inviting you to try something a little more daring and packed with personality, like a focal accent wall.” Brady likes to focus on paint, wallpaper, artwork, or a statement bed frame when it comes to creating a bold and unique accent wall for the chicest bedroom aesthetic.

Paint with Purpose

“Paint is a great way to infuse color into a space, and since a bedroom is often only seen by those sleeping there, you can go bold with a color that might be a bit much for more heavily trafficked rooms in your home.” When you think “accent wall,” this example is probably where your mind goes first; three walls of a light and subtle shade contrasted by a singular bold wall.

Opting for paint when it comes to your accent wall is great for any number of reasons—if you’re having trouble choosing between a light or dark palette or simply love contrast and intrigue, an accent wall will typically do the trick. “If you can’t commit to a full room in one color, a single accent wall behind your bed is often an easier pill to swallow (or an easier conversation to have with an unconvinced partner)!” shares Brady.

navy bedroom accent wall

Add a Wallpaper Accent Wall

When people are first beginning to navigate the world of accent walls, their information can be pretty limited. A lot of non-designers think that using light and dark paint is the only way to create an accent wall but there are so many more options available. What’s more, creating a bedroom accent wall with eye-catching wallpaper, paneling, or a bed frame means infinite possibilities for capturing your totally unique style.

“Statement wallpaper works beautifully in a bedroom,” exclaims Brady. “Wallpaper can be a hassle and often is expensive, so the wall behind your bed frame is a perfect place for a beautiful statement wallpaper that showcases your style and personality, without breaking your budget.”

Opting for a wallpaper accent wall is also a perfect way to weave in some fun and interesting patterns to express yourself without overwhelming a space, too.

wallpaper accent wall bedroom

Make a Statement with Paneling

While we love a dramatic tone or a graphic print to set the stage for serious style in your bedroom, there’s something to be said for embracing a more tonal and structural accent wall feature. A trend (that’s actually quite timeless) we’ve been loving of late is the reemergence of the paneled accent wall behind the bed. The pattern play adds a sense of architectural interest while the panels themselves create depth and dimension.

panel accent wall bedroom

Brady emphasizes this idea, “A paneled bedroom accent wall brings a structured and sophisticated look to the scene. You can keep to the same hue as the rest of your bedroom, or double down on the ‘accent’ with a darker paneled wall for even more drama.”

paneled bedroom

Artwork as an Accent Wall

Again, the world of accent walls is much broader than most people think. You can essentially take any styling tool or technique and use it to create a statement wall feature. A curated collection of artwork is another easy way to create the effect of an accent wall while really spotlighting your personal taste.

“Artwork is a surefire way to spice up an accent wall and is especially helpful if your style changes often, or if you are renting. Not everyone is able to paint or wallpaper, so try adding an oversized print or creating a custom gallery wall above your bed,” advises Brady.

art accent wall bedroom

Your bedroom, and every room, should reflect your unique tastes and personality. Book a professional designer to help you create a cohesive design, complete with a personalized shopping list, starting with our style quiz.

Words by Erica Buehler