9 Stylish & Functional Bedroom Layout Ideas Our Designers Always Turn To

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WORDS BY Morgan Goldberg

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Published on January 10, 2024

When it comes to designing your bedroom, there are lots of factors to consider. What color palette speaks to you? What materials do you want to incorporate? What are your sources of inspiration? But the most important element, which affects both the aesthetics and the function of the space, is the layout. When you consider bedroom layout ideas for your space, which will look and feel good for years to come?

Of course, the size and shape of the room, as well as the presence of windows and closets, often dictate where certain items can be placed—but you have more options than you think. Why not dare to put your bed in front of the window or make an awkward corner into a reading room? With the following nine bedroom layout ideas from our designers, you’ll be able to make the most of your resting space: 

1. Bedroom layout ideas: Place your bed between two windows

Bedroom layout ideas

According to the principles of bedroom feng shui, a basic level of symmetry is worth achieving. So if your bedroom is naturally symmetrical, with windows spaced evenly apart, take advantage of that gift. Place your bed between the two windows, using them to frame out your nightstands. Not only does this setup feel balanced and steady, but it also leaves more functional wall space for items like dressers, mirrors, and seating.

2. Bedroom layout ideas: Create distinct zones

Bedroom layout ideas

When you have a larger bedroom, creating distinct zones or segments is a great way to maximize your space and avoid having any wasted square footage. Each area should have its own identity, which can be defined by different paint colors, wallpapers, or rugs. The bed section might be more moody and tranquil to inspire sleep, while the reading and seating realm might be brighter for daytime activity.

3. Bedroom layout ideas: Situate a dresser opposite your bed

Bedroom layout ideas

If storage is your priority, invest in a big dresser and situate it across from your bed. When placed opposite each other, these two large pieces of furniture feel harmonious and balanced. Plus, the top of a dresser can be used to support a television, artwork, mirror, or lamps to add extra ambiance to the space. 

4. Bedroom layout ideas: Incorporate a vanity

Bedroom layout ideas

Other substantial pieces of furniture also work well positioned opposite the bed. Opt for a vanity—if you don’t have space for one in your bathroom—so you can have a dedicated spot to get ready. Consider placing a bench at the end of your bed, which can double as a vanity seat when it’s in use, but also be pushed back for easy movement throughout the room.

5. Bedroom layout ideas: Curate an end-of-bed seating area

Bedroom layout ideas

For bedrooms with unused space at the foot of the bed, curating a seating area with two accent chairs and a small side table is a great solution. This is a super popular bedroom layout for a reason: it adds another function to the space while simultaneously making it much more chic and polished.

6. Bedroom layout ideas: Position your bed in front of a window.

Bedroom layout ideas

Sometimes the wall that makes the most sense for your bed also happens to include a window—so embrace it. Though it might seem risky, positioning your bed in front of a window is actually very aesthetically pleasing. You can frame out the bed beautifully with drapery (don’t be afraid to float your bed off the wall a few inches to allow curtains to hang naturally behind) and enjoy the natural light as you awaken. Plus, this will allow other space to be used for dressers, accent chairs, and other necessities. 

7. Bedroom layout ideas: Craft a WFH station

Bedroom layout ideas

Not all of us have the luxury of dedicating separate rooms to separate functions, like a spacious home office. But a bedroom-meets-office layout can give you the best of both worlds. Utilize the wall that might otherwise host a dresser for a slim desk and an ergonomic chair. Since both sleeping and working require quiet and tranquility, there won’t be any clashing of vibes.

8. Bedroom layout ideas: Use a dresser as a shared nightstand

Bedroom layout ideas

In bedrooms with more than one bed, like a children’s room or guest room, a petite dresser works wonderfully as a shared nightstand when placed between the two. This layout maximizes storage and still allows for proportional flow between beds. It’s a symmetrical dream.

9. Bedroom layout ideas: Add on a reading room

reading nook in bedroom

If you’re lucky enough to have a spare corner or empty alcove in your bedroom, design an inviting reading room to make the most of the surplus space. A big, comfy armchair, a soft throw blanket, and a little side table are all you need to curl up for an afternoon with a good book. The visual intrigue of such a vignette is just a bonus.

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Words by Morgan Goldberg