Benjamin Moore Hale Navy: Why Our Designers Love This Shade

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WORDS BY Erica Buehler

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Published on July 27, 2021

In case you haven’t noticed, navy is having a serious moment. From sultry bedrooms to moody accent walls to bold kitchen cabinetry, navy is one of those statement colors that works in virtually every room of a home.

Havenly lead designer Heather Goerzen (and honestly, probably everyone) is currently crushing on Benjamin Moore’s Hale Navy in particular. Hale Navy is a classic shade that brings together all elements of the perfect paint color: the right pop of pigment, the perfect amount of boldness, and the ideal level of depth. As Heather puts it:

Hale Navy is a timeless shade that adds richness, depth, and dimension to any space. It’s not too bright or blue, so it often operates more like a versatile neutral, seamlessly blending with your overall color palette and adding a sense of calming drama (which seems like a contradiction, but that’s the styling magic of Hale Navy).

Where to Use Hale Navy

Obviously, a bold color might have you immediately thinking: “accent wall!” or “epic room!” We are in full support of such ideas, and Hale Navy is the perfect shade for the job. Not only is it versatile in how and where you paint it, but accessorizing the space you use it in is a world of endless possibilities.

Navy blue living room

Heather’s suggestion for really taking the plunge with Hale Navy is to “Go big and bold with navy walls! It feels chic and sophisticated, with a bit of a moody quality.” Styling your space like this transitional living room is a fantastic way to make a statement and create an ambiance. Proof Hale Navy is a total vibe, right here.

Or, use Hale Navy to create striking contrast in your kitchen. “This shade is also one of our go-to choices if you’re into the dark blue cabinet aesthetic. It adds color, but in a muted way that’s very modern,” says Heather. (Pro tip: Accent with brass hardware for a more elevated feel.)

Even if a large accent wall isn’t in your style plans, there are still a ton of ways to use Hale Navy to enhance your space. “If you’re not quite ready to embrace floor-to-ceiling navy, consider using it for trim alongside crisp, white walls,” suggests Heather.

This example shows how Hale Navy can be the perfect pop of color if you need just a smidge. “Just about any space could be elevated with a touch of Hale Navy—from dining rooms to living spaces and even your bedroom.” That goes for aesthetics, too; the versatility of this shade works with pretty much any kind of style. “What styles doesn’t Hale Navy work with? This one is a crowd-pleaser that plays well across just about every design style.”

Navy blue paint trim

How to Lighten, Brighten & Accent

If you’ve got an idea of where you want to use Hale Navy but the rest is a little fuzzy, Heather has tips for curating your perfect palette. “We love Hale Navy alongside a variety of neutrals, including crisp ivories and soft sands. Keeping to lighter foundational furniture—or linens—really lightens up the space while adding a sense of contrast that’s so alluring.” 

Along similar lines, warm, sandy-esque color tones and textures like wood and leather make great accents to a room utilizing Hale Navy, whether it’s the star of the show or a smaller flourish. “Warm up this shade with sultry camel hues, and well-worn cognac leathers,” says Heather. “But if you’re more of a traditionalist, consider doubling down with olive greens, burgundies, or even hints of eggplant. Consider a Scottish study as your inspiration for this color scheme.”


And did we mention, Hale Navy shows off well even in basement spaces, too? Just remember that when you’re using this color in a space that lacks natural light, it will read even darker — but we’re very into that. Especially when leveraging the decor palette tips above for juxtaposition. Sign us up for Friday movie night here.

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Words by Erica Buehler