Green Is Having a Moment — See the 20 Best Green Paint Colors, Per Our Designers

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WORDS BY Kelsey Clark

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Published on April 3, 2024

From Y2K lime to down to earth olive, green in its many shades is having a full-on moment this year. The best part? This nature-inspired hue is as timeless as it gets — green kitchen cabinets or a green upholstered sofa won’t go out of style at the turn of the season. As designers, one thing instantly comes to mind when it comes to this hue: the best green paint colors.

We love punchy emerald, soft sage, and classic hunter in equal measure, so we took it upon ourselves to outline our all-time favorite green paint colors. Whether you’re looking for a modern-luxe green moment with gold accents, or an organic sage palette with airy, natural accents, we have the perfect green paint color for you.

Ahead, find our designers’ 20 best green paint colors for every mood, style, and space:

1. Gray Green: French Gray by Farrow & Ball

Green paint colors

For a hint of color that still functions as a neutral, look no further than Farrow & Ball’s French Gray. This pale green is a minimalist’s dream — it adds just enough visual interest while still standing firmly in neutral territory with a gray undertone. Go wall-to-wall with French Gray and add contrast with dark gray architectural features and rich cream sofa.

2. Moss Green: Wethersfield Moss by Benjamin Moore

Green paint colors

We’ve never met painted wainscoting that we didn’t like, and this moss green situation checks every box. The touch of Benjamin Moore’s Wethersfield Moss not only adds a unique design feature (imagine if the woodwork was plain white), it pairs perfectly with the feather gray wallpaper and cognac bedside stools.

3. Sage Green: Saybrook Sage by Benjamin Moore

Benjamin Moore Saybrook Sage

It’s easy to see why sage is all the rage (sorry, we had to go for it) — this soft, earthy green is the ultimate grounded neutral that adds color to a space while remaining minimal. As evidenced by the above living room, Benjamin Moore’s Saybrook Sage truly sings with a relaxed palette and natural accents — jute lovers, rejoice.

4. Teal Green: Teal Ocean by Benjamin Moore

Green paint colors

While teal green is not for the faint of heart, it’s a mainstay in glam, high-energy spaces brimming with personality. Our favorite — Benjamin Moore’s Teal Ocean — is clearly bold, but plays well with neutral colors like gray and white. Of course, teal just isn’t complete without a gold accent (or 10). 

5. Juniper Green: Green Smoke by Farrow & Ball

Green paint colors

A smoky juniper green is everything and more when searching for a unique, natural, and bold green paint color. Pair Farrow & Ball’s Green Smoke with soft wood textures and black accents for visual contrast, and finish the look with floor-to-ceiling paneling.

6. Olive Green: Treron by Farrow & Ball

Green paint colors

Earthy and natural, Farrow & Ball’s Treron green is a beautiful, soft olive that brings depth to this modern-traditional living room. Paired with the warm cream, cognac leather, and striking black, it’s a versatile palette for the ages. Pro tip: if you’re adding green to a more modern space, go with a cool undertone to complement the aesthetic.

7. Mint Green: Kennebunkport by Benjamin Moore

Green paint colors

Quaint, classic, and a touch preppy, Kennebunkport by Benjamin Moore brings all the charm and comfort of coastal Maine straight to your home. As evidenced by the above bedroom, this minty hue truly sings when paired with clean white, natural textures, and a touch of warm cream.

8. Jade Green: Deep Jungle by Benjamin Moore

Green paint colors

If 1980s gold and turquoise is wrong, then we don’t want to be right. For a high-energy green paint color that packs a punch, look no further than a classic jade. Deep Jungle by Benjamin Moore lends a zesty feel to this office space, thanks in part to the clean, high-contrast white, gold hardware, and graphic artwork.

9. Laurel Green: Great Barrington Green by Benjamin Moore

Green paint colors

Natural and saturated laurel green is a prime choice when looking for an organic yet rich green paint color. We particularly love Benjamin Moore’s Great Barrington Green on the walls, ceiling, and trim for a moody, relaxed feel. Pro tip: refresh dated wall-to-wall wood paneling with a quick can of paint — you won’t regret it.

10. Deep Green: Hunter by Benjamin Moore

Green paint colors

Want to spice up your space without veering too far from your traditional roots? All signs point to a gorgeous hunter green (Benjamin Moore’s Hunter Green, to be exact). It’s punchy but still reads classic, especially when paired with a gorgeous oak table, traditional area rug, and a roaring fireplace.

11. Emerald Green: Buffett Green by Benjamin Moore

Green paint colors

It’s easy to see why emerald is shining gem in the jewel tone world — it’s classic, bold, and a touch energetic. We especially love wall-to-wall Buffett Green by Benjamin Moore in glam, mid-century modern spaces — it truly sings when paired with dusty pink warm wood, and a hint of yellow.

12. Deep Sea Green: Narragansett by Benjamin Moore

Green paint colors

If you want moody with a capital “M,” Narragansett by Benjamin Moore is an enchanting, deep sea green that feels just as deep and mysterious as the ocean itself. The blue-green paint color brings out the deep blues in the area rug while perfectly complementing the gray, cognac, and rusty red accent colors.

13. Pistachio Green: Money Moves by Clare Paint

Green paint colors

Here’s another glowing example of how a soft green can compliment organic textures, like this light oak bedroom set and decorative hanging baskets. Swathed in Money Moves by Clare Paint with blush pink accents, this pistachio green bedroom is next-level calming. 

14. Avocado Green: Shady Lane by Benjamin Moore

Green paint colors

Using a bright avocado green as an accent wall can add serious style points to your space, especially when paired with gold, black, and a touch of trendy cane. Shady Lane by Benjamin Moore offers the perfect punchy yellow undertone that feels ever so slightly retro — swoon. 

15. Hunter Green: Caldwell Green by Benjamin Moore

Best green paint colors | Green paint colors

For a rich hunter green with regal blue undertones, Caldwell Green by Benjamin Moore is always a top contender. This gorgeous shade is equal parts earthy and moody and creates a cozy, enveloping atmosphere in two quick coats.

16. Beige Green: Greenish by Clare Paint

Best green paint colors | Green paint colors

Greenish by Clare Paint is always a solid go-to when looking for a neutral beige with just a hint of refreshing green. If your style leans warm minimalist or organic modern, this green paint color will check every box for you.

17. Dark Dutch Green: Kismet by Backdrop

Best green paint colors | Green paint colors

Direct-to-consumer brand Backdrop is a mainstay for perfectly formulated, on-trend paint colors, and their rich dutch green Kismet is no exception. It’s full-bodied and earthy with a hint of punchy teal that “pairs well with leather bound books and brandy,” per the brand. We concur.

18. Spring Green: Grenadier Pond By Benjamin Moore

Best green paint colors | Green paint colors

For a medium green that hints at cheerful, springtime freshness, we love Grenadier Pond by Benjamin Moore. It’s subtle with a hint of exuberance and looks great in kids rooms, play rooms, half baths, laundry rooms, and guest rooms.

19. Dark Gray-Green: Card Room Green by Farrow & Ball

Best green paint colors | Green paint colors

Tip your toe into the world of color with this understated gray-green from Farrow and Ball. Card Room Green is a contemporary classic with vintage charm that will truly look good in any space. Pair it with the brand’s traditional neutral Off-White for a hint of contrast.

20. Grass Green: Lawn Party By Backdrop

Best green paint colors | Green paint colors

Lawn Green is Backdrop’s answer to a crisp, medium green with tan and yellow undertones. It’s warm, playful, and vibrant, and will lend a down-to-earth touch to any room in your home. Pair it with warm wood tone to really bring it to life!

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Words by Kelsey Clark