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Modern design can be the perfect inspiration for a clean, simple, and frill-free space to sit down for a meal. For the culinarily inclined, modern touches can create the perfect palette cleanser for the meal to take all the attention. True to it’s casual, yet sleek roots, a modern dining room can be the perfect space to meet for all meals, instead of a formal dining room dusted off twice a year for holidays. 

Want to create a modern dining room where your meals make an impact? Try these tips.

Incorporate a Neutral Color Palette

For a modern finish, incorporate a neutral color palette across the room. Grays and creams on the walls and window treatments create a simple and soothing atmosphere, where decor and texture can shine.  

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Wow Lighting That Enhances Each Meal

A bold and abstract light feature can play a central part in your dining room. Go for an industrial-inspired chandelier or an abstract mid-century modern light fixture. In keeping with modern style, limit lamps and instead opt for lighting with a minimal footprint and maximum wattage.

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Functional Furnishings

Modern relies on sleek and simple designs that are comfortable, yet functional. Select seating with a small footprint, like armless dining chairs, mid-century inspired seats, or even a utilitarian bench to maximize table headcount for your next dinner party. 

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Metallics and Modern Finishes

While modern design isn’t overly ornate, you can add interest, flash, and fun with the finishes in your home. For a modern and updated look, you can mix a few metals, or stick with a metallic bar cart, frame, or table

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Graphic, Minimalist Art

Modern design doesn’t have many adornments, so make a maximum impact with minimal art. Large scale, abstract graphic art can add points of interest to the room. Use simple frames with flat finishes to make the art stand out.  

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A modern dining room can be perfect for the solution for the foodie who loves to entertain. The clean and uncluttered space can comfortably seat a group and will let the meal and conversation take center stage.

No appetite for the modern dining room? Try our style quiz to see what suits you!

Words by Emma Diehl