5 Absolutely Flawless Reasons Jewel Tones Are Topping the Trend Lists

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WORDS BY Kelsey Clark

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Published on December 20, 2021

Sure, we may be obsessed with earthy design trends like warm minimalism and modern cottage, but let’s face it: jewel tone colors will never go out of style. From rich emerald to moody amethyst, these deep hues are a little modern, a little art deco, and *very* glamorous.

Despite their bold connotation (the word “jewel” doesn’t exactly impart subtlety), jewel tones are surprisingly versatile. “There are a lot of different directions you can take when embracing jewel tones in design,” says lead designer Kelsey Fischer. “You can go all-in with an emerald sofa or sapphire accent chairs, or you can add understated depth with moody purple throw pillows or deep ochre accents.”

Ahead, Fischer shares a few of her favorite jewel tone color palettes that will never go out of style, from earthy topaz to bold amethyst.

Jewel Tone Colors: Shades of Emerald

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Deep emerald is actually a great gateway color if you’re just dipping your toe into the world of jewel tones. Not to mention, rich, evocative green tones are super on-point at the moment. And while yes, it is saturated, it pairs beautifully with neutrals like cream and brown. Plus, it’s basically the perfect complement to gold — consider the hue if you have brass hardware, lighting, or furniture.

Jewel Tone Colors: Amber Meets Ruby

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If cool tones aren’t really your thing, consider warmer jewel tone colors like amber, deep ruby, and even vibrant pink. Balanced with a complementary hue like turquoise and emerald, the look sings (especially when tied together with a multi-colored rug).

Jewel Tone Colors: Amethyst Accents

moody jewel tones

While rich amethyst is certainly not for the faint of heart, it certainly checks the “moody” box. Balance out this royal jewel tone with wood furniture, and polish off the look with shades of teal, navy, and ochre. And in case you missed it our 2022 paint predictions, we are wagering this dynamic palette will make a big pop in the new year.

Jewel Tone Colors: Topaz Touches

jewel tone color palette

If you love jewel tones but can’t quite commit to the dominant color story, consider subtle but equally enchanting touches of sapphire, emerald, and amber in your decor. In a predominantly neutral space replete with warm neutrals, the look feels sophisticated and elevated, with just the right amount of contemporary edge.

Jewel Tone Colors: Muted Mauves

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This space is yet another example that jewel-toned furniture doesn’t have to be overwhelming. While bringing in color with predominant pieces certainly anchors the room, you can tone the look done with neutral walls, a distressed rug, and modern wood furniture. Mauve is all the rage these days, and while it can be woven in with earth tones, we’re totally here for this more dramatic interpretation that mixes in emeralds and navies for a show-stopping space.

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Words by Kelsey Clark