14 Blue Couch Living Room Ideas That Prove This Hue Goes With Just About Everything

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WORDS BY Rebecca Deczynski

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Published on March 13, 2024

Is there anything that the color blue doesn’t go with? Think about it: Your favorite pair of jeans almost magically work with just about everything in your wardrobe. So why wouldn’t a blue sofa suit almost any interior space?

Spoiler: That’s because a blue sofa can suit just about any design taste and interior.

Our favorite blue couch living room ideas show that navy, teal, baby blue, cerulean — just about any shade of blue — can make an interior look brighter, more intentionally designed, and very stylish. Even if you’ve sworn your allegiance to an all neutral-palette, the right blue sofa may very well make you reconsider your stance.

That’s because the hue — just like those jeans — goes with just about everything, whether you’re all about eclectic boho style or you prefer a more subtle, classic look. But don’t just take our word for it. Just see these 14 designer-approved blue couch living room ideas for all the evidence (and inspiration!) you need.

Bright and light

Blue Couch Living Room Ideas

Consider this: Why not swap a more expected tan or gray sofa with a light blue option? In this living room, Interior Define’s Scarlett Sofa pairs well with its more warm-toned surroundings without feeling out of place.

Modern polish

Blue Couch Living Room Ideas

There’s a timeless appeal to this living room thanks to its traditional architectural details and its streamlined furniture pieces — like Interior Define’s Alexander Sofa in a barely there blue. The color has a lighter touch than a more neutral gray and keeps the living room looking illuminated and breezy.

Cool contrast

Blue Couch Living Room Ideas

There are so many little choices that come together to make this living space look special, from its checkerboard rug to its marble coffee table. And, of course, The Inside’s Tailored Tuxedo Sofa in the perfect baby blue makes a delightfully unexpected contrast.

Elegant floral

Blue Couch Living Room Ideas

In a largely neutral living room, The Inside’s Classic Sofa in a pretty cherry blossom pattern functions as a work of art. Simple textiles — like a faintly patterned area rug and creamy drapes — help it pop.

Traditional meets contemporary

Blue Couch Living Room Ideas

There’s no arguing that The Inside’s Modern Sofa in a bold blue botantical print is the star of this modern classic living room. But it doesn’t overwhelm the space. That’s because it’s surrounded by plenty of other considered details, like a sleek, espresso coffee table and an eye-catching brass dome pendant light.

Playful eclectic 

Blue Couch Living Room Ideas

Who wouldn’t expect comedian Cecily Strong’s home to be as fun as she is? A teal velvet sofa is the standout piece of her Manhattan living room, and it plays nice with a cheerful yellow armchair.

Vivid all over

Blue Couch Living Room Ideas

If there’s anything Anjelika Temple loves, it’s color. That’s why, when it came to designing the Brit & Co co-founder’s Bay Area home, Havenly designer Melissa Wagner kept things nice and bright. This living room, with its teal armchair, flows well into the dining area while still feeling distinct thanks to is cohesive color palette.  

Better than neutral

Blue Couch Living Room Ideas

Havenly managing editor Heather Goerzen makes the most of her 700-square-foot Denver condo — starting with a living room designed with comfort in mind. A large blue-gray sectional sofa dominates the space in the best way possible, offering plenty of room to relax. Warm-colored throw pillows and blankets help strike a balance with the cooler hue. 

Expansive comfort

Blue Couch Living Room Ideas

In this cream-toned living room, Interior Define’s James Sectional in hazy blue upholstery brings an easygoing feel to the space — like an early spring sky. It adds just a touch of color to interior while staying in a simple, elevated palette.

Stately navy

Blue Couch Living Room Ideas

This 100-year-old Chicago home is the perfect balance of old and new. The rich navy upholstery of the two mirrored sofas looks traditional to anchor the classic fireplace, but their sleek silhouette keeps the space feeling current. An eye-catching burl coffee table adds in some visual texture to keep things interesting.

Statement pieces

Blue Couch Living Room Ideas

A few select pieces can make a big impact in your living space. In Danielle Chiprut’s Long Island home, a vivid pink and blue rug, which she inherited from her mother, lays a stunning foundation for the room. A dark blue velvet sofa with studded arms and a tufted back holds up to the rug’s boldness without competing — instead, the two complement one another.

Stylish subtlety

Blue Couch Living Room Ideas

Havenly co-founder and CEO Lee Mayer’s living room is a lesson in nuance. Small touches — like paneled white walls and an oversize leather ottoman that does double duty as a coffee table — make this interior sing. A simple navy sofa is a classic option to round it out.

Colorful boho

Blue Couch Living Room Ideas

When your space is already full of bright, punchy colors, a teal sectional makes the perfect anchor. Havenly designer Melissa Wagner created this space for client Katy Sweeney, and it’s one of our favorite blue couch living room ideas purely because it shows that you don’t have to restrict your color palette to create a room that looks harmonious! 

Soft glamour

Blue Couch Living Room Ideas

A rich blue velvet sofa is fit for royalty — really: Havenly lead designer Vivian Torres designed this shared New York City apartment for both Miss Universe and Miss USA to cohabitate while carrying out the duties of their reigns. The depth and vividness of this sectional make it the standout of the space, but it also pops against an elevated gallery wall.

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Words by Rebecca Deczynski