The Budget Guide: What Will $1,000 Get Me?

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Published on May 17, 2018

You probably don’t buy furniture and accessories often, so it can be difficult to know how much to budget for your space. Starting with a budget of $1,000, we’ll help you understand what things cost and how far your dollars will stretch!

Consider Quality

The first thing to consider with your budget is your threshold for quality? Is it very important that things last a long time and hold up to wear and tear (read: they will cost more) or, are you ok with finding things at stores like Target and Ikea to get you by until you want to swap things out? We completely understand that not all types of furnishings will fit into the same quality category, so use our guide below.


Spend the bulk of your dollars, and choose quality on your larger pieces that you likely will be holding onto for 5 or more years. These are things like sofas, chairs, beds and tables. These are also likely the pieces that you use the most often and want to make sure are comfortable, so choose quality for your furniture!


Have kids or pets that love to destroy throw pillows? Or, maybe you want to change up your look often. Being frugal with accessories like pillows, vases and decor will help keep your overall cost down. These are also pieces that often get broken or ruined, so you won’t feel as bad tossing out a $40 pillow vs a $100 one.

So, what does $1,000 look like in each quality category? If you guessed that you can get more from stores like Target and Wayfair, you’re right! The better quality something is, the higher the price tag will be. Do keep in mind that the longer something lasts, the less you’ll be spending over time!

If you want more help determining your overall budget, visit our budget calculator!

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Words by Kylee Trunck