9 Adult-Approved Sofas for Cheap

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Published on October 8, 2019

Like staying on the family phone plan, all good things must come to an end. And yes, that does include the unique array of furniture that followed you into adulthood. So, when your old roommate’s lab partner’s friend’s stained corduroy loveseat just doesn’t do it for you anymore, our designers put together nine high quality, penny-pinching picks for buying sofas on a budget.

John Wildsmith once said, “You are either in your bed or in your shoes, so it pays to invest in both.” Now, John’s family clearly didn’t know the “no shoes on the couch” rule, or he would’ve thought this one through a little further. Your sofa is the exception to this rule–it’s the one other spot in your home where functionality, comfort and style are simply non-negotiable. This is where you’ll relax, entertain, nap, spend time with loved ones, nap some more… you name it.

Your sofa is arguably going to be the most used piece of furniture in the house, and if that’s not your truth, you clearly haven’t met our friend HGTV.

It pays to invest in your sofa. Traditionally, this is one of the larger pieces of furniture (if not the largest) in the room, so don’t hesitate to put aside a larger portion of your budget toward your sofa when shopping for something new. If you don’t know where to begin in your search, check out The Designer’s Guide to Shopping for Sofas. Finding the right fit can take some patience, but once you find “the one,” you’ll be ready for another nap on your new and improved seating situation.

Here are our expert designers’ top 10 sofa picks that won’t break the bank:

This vintage sofa is everything that dreams are made of, especially when the elegant, tufted rear folds down into a functional sleeper. It’s the ultimate couch for shopping on a budget while convincing everyone otherwise.

Did we mention, you get free shipping on Wayfair items you purchase through Havenly for purchases $49+?

Keep things classic with the Belmonte Classic sofa upholstered in a cool grey linen. This is the perfect couch for a modern living room, and sure enough, it’s another Wayfair wonder. 

Now, affordability is relative, but you can’t talk comfort and style without this iconic coastal classic coming to mind. Take to the Jasper sectional for a California-cool, cloud-like wonder. It’s perfect for modern, Scandinavian and coastal styles, practically begging for the chance to have your friends over for a glass of chardonnay. On the other hand, the Jasper sectional is made for a midday snooze, but you already knew that.  

There’s only one thing you need more than Article’s Gabriola Ivory Boucle Loveseat: slippers to match and a good Netflix lineup. This compact piece fits in even the smallest of spaces, ranging a modest 64” in length. If its versatility wasn’t enough of a reason to “add to cart,” you might like to know that this couch’s boucle fabric is so comfortable, it has been known to hug you back (or, at least, it feels that way). 

Ah, the Elowen Banquette… there’s nothing quite like it, and that’s what makes it yours. Anthropologie’s upholstered play on a traditional Italian banquette transforms any room with its forest green velvet fabric and bold brass legs, bringing giving luxury and glamour to its otherwise modest shape and armless profile. If you don’t buy it, someone will.

Mirror, mirror, above the sofa, I just met my beauty quota!

The Alice Sofa from All Modern combines a traditional aesthetic with a tuxedo-style twist, giving elegance and modernism in its uniformity and gently curved lines. The combination of styles makes this a perfect transitional sofa that’s sure to integrate beautifully into a variety design themes. Just when you thought you wouldn’t dare enjoy a glass of red with “Alice,” think again. The Alice Sofa is just as functional as it is beautiful, dressed head to toe in a versatile indoor/outdoor Sunbrella fabric. Sunbrella is an industry standard for durability, mold/mildew resistance and, of course, for enjoying happy hour with friends. 

A tip from our designers: Style might seem like everything (and, let’s be honest: it is), but functionality is key. Be sure to choose fabrics that suit your lifestyle when purchasing a couch. If kids or pets are in the picture, ask your seller what fabrics are easy to clean. A couch with a removable, machine washable cover or another easy cleaning solution might be right for you.

Dress up or dress down the Buffum Reversible Sectional from Wayfair, the transitional piece that, in the words of Frank Ocean, can “see on both sides like Chanel”. Effortlessly blending into both formal and casual environments, this sectional really can do both. So, if you haven’t yet found the one, here’s two.

The Dalia Chesterfield Sofa is the statement piece that you’ve been waiting to splurge on… without actually splurging. This modern play on a traditional Chesterfield thrives at the intersection of glamour and modernity. A tufted back provides elegance and visual interest, and the almond-colored fabric is the perfect versatile neutral to allow you to get creative and experiment with your theme. Frankly, though, letting this iconic piece stand alone wouldn’t be a half-bad idea, either.

Last but not least, the Garren Sofa and Loveseat from Wayfair might be the light at the end of your couch-searching tunnel. Can’t decide between modern or contemporary? Play on either side of the spectrum with this versatile set. A Heather Grey poly-blend fabric is effortlessly functional for the needs of any space, and while the king of style reminds us that there’s always “more poly-blend where [this] came from,” (TDWP, anyone?) this set is certainly one-of-a-kind (and your bank account is sure to agree). Fill your space with the Garren Sofa and Loveseat, all for less than $600.

Finding furniture that fits your style and budget is easier said than done. Connect with a Havenly designer by taking our style quiz to refine your search (for free!).

Words by Morgan Hitz