Make Spring Cleaning More Bearable With the 12 Chicest Products on the Market

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WORDS BY Kelsey Clark

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Published on March 22, 2022

Some may think (more expensive) cute cleaning products are excessive, to say the least. But as designers, we can help but swoon over products that seamlessly combine form and function, whether it’s a sofa or a toilet brush.

Plus, we’d argue that cute cleaning products take at least some of the pain out of dusting, dishwashing, mopping, and scrubbing, at least on a mental level. I mean, just look at this French dust pan?!

Ahead, Havenly lead designer Melissa Wagner is sharing her favorite chic cleaning products on the market. From a photogenic wooden dish brush to a marble sink caddy, there’s something to be said for aesthetically-pleasing cleaning products. Still not convinced? Keep scrolling.

Cute cleaning supplies

1. Modern Resin Stone Toilet Brush Holder

Cute cleaning supplies

Made of sleek resin and antique brass, this may be the chicest toilet brush we’ve ever laid eyes on. We’d gladly refresh our toilets on the daily with this beaut. 

2. Blueland Clean Essentials Kit

Cute cleaning supplies

Not only are Blueland cleaning products incredibly cute (just look at these sleek color-coordinated bottles!), they’re sustainable. Buy the bottle once and refill it with the brand’s non-toxic, vegan, and cruelty-free cleaning tablets for years to come.

3. Andrée Jardin French Dustpan & Brush Set

cute cleaning supplies

We’d gladly put this chic dustpan and broom set on display. Made of lacquered sheet metal, Beechwood, and horse hair bristles, this set was (obviously) crafted in France and boasts a modern, vintage aesthetic. 

4. Sink-Side Handcrafted Marble Caddy

Cute cleaning supplies

Because your sponges and dish brushes deserve to rest on a marble tray. This Pottery Barn sink caddy is made of white marble and features a ridged bottom to naturally drain water. It’s functional, stylish, and yes, you need it right now.

5. Zone Denmark Dishwashing Set

Cute cleaning suppliesEverything is better when your dishwashing products *match.* This silicone and ceramic set comes with a sleek holder, brush, and replaceable brush head to streamline your sink-side essentials.

6. Steamery Cirrus No. 2 Steamer


Cute cleaning supplies

Why shouldn’t your steamer be as cute as the clothes themselves? This sleek West Elm find comes in four matte colors, heats up in 25 seconds, and features a detachable fabric brush for delicate materials like silk and wool. 

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7.‎ Gleener Ultimate Fuzz Remover

Cute cleaning supplies

Anyone with upholstered furniture simply need a fuzz remover kit, and this Pottery Barn number is equal parts cute and functional. It comes with three different fabric-safe blades to gently yet effectively remove fuzz, lint, and debris from fabric surfaces.

8. Andrée Jardin 4-Piece Dishwashing Gift Set

Cute cleaning supplies

There’s something incredibly satisfying about cute, understated dishwashing products. This set from Lulu & Georgia comes with the essentials: a wooden dish brush, copper scrubber, textural pebble sponge, and a linen-cotton dish towel.

9. Steele Canvas Rolling Laundry Hamper

Cute cleaning supplies

Let’s face it: your hamper spends more time outside of your closet than inside. So, why not invest in something that’s not an eye sore? This Crate and Barrel beauty features an industrial canvas bin plus convenient handles and wheels.

10. Horse Hair Dish Brush

Cute cleaning supplies

This wooden dish brush is basically a chic sink accessory that you’ll find in every designers kitchen. It’s made of oil-treated birch and durable horse hair and will flawlessly wash cups, containers, pots, and pans for years to come.

11. Reusable Do Good Sponge

Cute cleaning supplies

Sustainable and stylish, this reusable and washable sponge set by Ardent Goods is a cleaning must-have. It comes with one plant-based loofah scrubber and one squeezable linen sponge filled with untreated cotton — both of which are plastic and polyester-free.

12. Hand & Dish Soap Marble Caddy

Cute cleaning supplies

Give your kitchen sink an instant glow-up with this hand and dish soap set (marble caddy included). Boasting a beautiful citrus and cedarwood scent, both plant-based cleansers are gentle on the hands and the environment, yet tough on grease and stains. 

From scouting cute cleaning products to perfecting room flow, our designers are chock-full of expert tips. Check out our design packages to work with a design pro one-on-one. 

Words by Kelsey Clark