The Top Spring Decor Trends for 2021

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WORDS BY Gillian Grefe

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Published on March 19, 2021

Looking forward to spring? Who isn’t these days? 

Millions of Americans are marking more than a year of working from home, schooling at home and staycationing at home, and huge swaths of the country also spent a record-breaking winter hunkered indoors. 

The arrival of spring—and with it the chance to hit refresh with open windows, a deep, Marie Kondo-style clean, and on-trend touches—is welcome indeed.

This spring’s decor trends range from wicker lamps and toile wallpaper to colorful glass and polished nickel. Here with the breakdown is Shelby Girard, Havenly’s VP of Creative & Design:

Shabby Chic, But Better

Shelby confesses that she can’t believe she’s saying it, “but shabby chic is back in a fresh new way.”

A sister to grandmillennial style, 2021’s take on shabby chic is less cluttered and more curated than iterations past. The style’s trademark feminine touches are still there (think lace curtains, toile wallpaper, and bed skirts), but this time paired up with edgier pieces for a modern look that evokes comfort, nostalgia, and tradition — with a twist. 

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Scalloped and Fluted Details

Basic doesn’t have to be boring, especially when scalloped details add visual interest to an otherwise straightforward piece.

Scallops are allowing side tables to tap into their wild side. Fluted details are turning marble bowls into works of art. Ridged drawer fronts are helping dressers cast a more glamorous shadow. 

Basically, scallops and flutes make everything better.

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Colored Glass

Estelle Colored Glass is a luxury brand known for hand-blown stemware in luscious Easter egg colors. Estelle-inspired glassware is having a moment this spring, just in time for sun-dappled cocktail hours and warm-weather brunches.  

Pick your poison to match your potion. Cobalt coupe glasses, smoky gray decanters and golden tumblers, and more, are all on tap.

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Polished Nickel

While it hasn’t elbowed brass aside, polished nickel is mounting a comeback in lighting and furniture.

“It’s a warmer metal than chrome, so it plays nicely with brass if you’re mixing metals in a space,” Shelby says. “I also love to use it in bathrooms for a classic, timeless look.”

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Wicker Lighting

Rattan, caning, jute and wicker continue a strong run of several seasons. 

What’s new this spring? Wicker in a whole new light — woven lamp shades and fiber-wrapped bases. 

“Lighting is an unexpected place to add a natural element to your space,” Shelby says. 

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Statement Curves

Carve out a little space for spring with statement curves. As part of the trend we’re calling “Sculptural Edge,” they’re very much in.

You can find them in the wishbone frame of an accent chair. In the organic silhouette of a contemporary mirror. In the restful shapeliness of a headboard that calls to mind a cloud.

“Statement curves are a fun way to add energy to your space this spring,” Shelby says.

And researchers have found that a boost of energy to your space equals a boost of energy for your psyche. To which we say, “Bring on spring!”

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Words by Staci Sturrock