4 Ways to Use Accessories to Decorate Your Home

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WORDS BY Erica Buehler

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Published on July 20, 2020

Contrary to popular belief, a statement piece or wall of eye-catching décor doesn’t have to burn a hole in your wallet. There are a multitude of ways to add pops of color, texture, and unique style to your home. It’s all a matter of getting resourceful and using what you’ve got.

Coffee table with storage.

The wonderful thing about a gallery wall is how dynamic it can be. Hats, bags, and woven baskets as gallery walls have definitely been trending and for good reason: they’re original and stylish! Plus, establishing a gallery wall near your door makes for the perfect, last-minute outfit addition. 

Consider a row of neutral-toned panama hats across a mantle or a bunching of hats with multi-colored ribbons for an added pop of color—or take up a whole wall with some forgotten sun hats to add some depth to a room.

Creating a gallery wall with woven baskets (or even woven bags) is just as easy and just as fun: determine your preferred gallery shape and get to hammering with just a few (subtle) nails. Hand-woven baskets offer unique texture and pattern options that are actually more aesthetically pleasing when not matchy-matchy; consider shopping around for some at your next flea or farmer’s market.

Have kids? Instead of cluttering up your fridge door, opt for framing your favorite artwork from your children and creating a gallery wall with various shaped- and sized-pieces.

Eclectic Living Room Ideas

A statement piece doesn’t have to be an expensive work of art. In fact, you probably have some good contenders in your closet. Create chic dimension on a side table by adding a favorite, freestanding purse or gently used pair of shoes. Not only are you incorporating your personal style into your space—you’re showing off your favorite items. A pair of shoes with fun fabrics or a funky handbag can really add texture to an otherwise flat space.

Books can be similarly used if you collect vintage texts or simply have favorites you’d like to display. A freestanding hardcopy with eye-catching cover art will make guests pause and appreciate your intention, and an unevenly-stacked collection of coffee table books will give off an edgier, more geometric feel.

Books can be used in other ways, as well: stacked to display artwork, jewelry stands, and other décor at various heights. The same can be done with old shoe and hat boxes (keeping in mind you’ll want boxes without brand names on them and that are still in good condition).

Looking for a little more vibrancy or movement? Take a few multicolored scarves and drape over the shoeboxes to soften edges. The same concept can be applied by gently tying scarves over square chair backs and pillows.

Coffee Table Books in the Living Room

One more trend you’ll see more of is decorating using various textiles, including rugs, blankets, and handwoven pieces (think: large-scale macramé). If hanging flat on a wall, the lighter the textile, the easier it will be to hang; but don’t let that stop you from taking a natural-fiber or jute rug and jazzing up your space with it! A few textile options we’ve seen trending include a solo, statement textile piece, a very geometric collection of various shapes and sizes, as well as simply hanging a few different-patterned textiles on hooks for a “coat hang” vibe.

Now that you’re equipped with new (and inexpensive) ways you can stylishly refresh your home, all you’ve got to do is take a peek through your closet and consider rearranging a few things! We hope we’ve inspired you to get creative with what you’ve got.

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Words by Erica Buehler