Easy Ways to Introduce Color into Your Home

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WORDS BY Gillian Grefe

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Published on August 18, 2020

Color is a powerful tool, and when wielded wisely in the home, it holds the ability to impact our moods and set the tone of our space—literally. It also makes for an easy, and often affordable, option for updating your home without going through a complete overhaul. 

We’re all spending more time at home lately than we may have liked this summer, but that doesn’t mean our home needs to be as boring as we may at times feel. Instead, easily liven up your space with these simple ways to add more color to your home.

One of the simplest ways to add color to your home involves a paintbrush and a can of paint, and get this—only one wall. Painting an accent wall is a non-committal way to shift the energy in a space without breaking the bank. All you need is an afternoon and to crank the tunes.

Bright candy-colored hues can create a more cheerful look—such as this brilliant turquoise wall which conjures up the feeling of relaxed, poolside days—or up the drama and opt for a deeper, darker shade of navy, forest green, or even black. And, the best part is? If you tire of the color, all it requires for a quick fix is to just paint it right over with another shade when your tastes or moods change. Easy, peasy.

When bringing color into any room in your home, look to the fabrics surrounding you. Try adding colorful or patterned throw pillows to the bed or couch, change up your white comforter with a brighter option, drape an afghan over the foot of the bed, or switch out the rug under your table or sofa with a more saturated version for a quick and easy color add.

When selecting the colors you wish to bring in, look to already hanging art for hints, or let the bedding play off the shades woven into a patterned rug to make it pop.

Hanging art on your walls infuses rooms with personality, and is the perfect opportunity to slide a few more shades into your space. Look to rich photography, or try a row of patterned prints in varying styles to spice up any room. 

When hanging a gallery wall, remember not everything has to be too matchy-matchy. Be bold by mixing and matching different styles, prints, artists, and mediums for a more curated look. Original photography can pair perfectly with an abstract painting, and a stylized quote will look great thrown in. And don’t forget the frames! Mixing in different color and style frames can bring a funky vibe to the party. 

Start your gallery wall with one larger piece and arrange smaller ones around it, about 2-4 inches apart to give each piece its breathing room.

Add more pizazz to your place with a saturated statement piece of furniture. Try smaller chairs or painted tables for a smaller switch-up, or go big with a bold couch in deep jewel tones. Tossing on a few accent pillows is a great way to tie it all together. 

Leave the rest of the room simple and neutral, or look for rugs with complimentary colors woven into the design, or try an accent wall in a similar shade in a neighboring room so the piece doesn’t look too out of place. Be playful with mixing in different styles and textures to further fun up the space.

If an accent wall or full paint job seems to be too crazy of a move for you right now, start small by painting the trim or doors of your home. Select a rich tone in line with the rest of your home by picking a shade you find in your art, accents, or rugs, or a color complimentary to the wall. Let it stand out by making sure it creates enough contrast against your wall color, such as this navy blue, which pops against the white. 

Crown molding or door frames are all good places to start with your paintbrush. Once again, nearly anything goes. And don’t worry—paint is easy to switch up according to your changing styles and tastes.

Navy blue paint trim

Houseplants are a simple way to add life to any room, not to mention a myriad of health benefits—from cleaner air to happier moods. Greenery is also an easy way to add color to your space. You can take the more temporary route with bright vases of floral arrangements or potted flowers such as orchids, or go green with hanging plants, a fiddle leaf fig, or palm plant. Even a row of succulents lining the windowsill can boost happiness while adding a peep of color to your place.

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Adding color to your home doesn’t have to be a daunting task. And, in most cases, it offers an easily-changeable way to boost your mood and switch up your style without breaking the bank. From simple paint swatches to accent art to linens to potted plants, try a new part of the rainbow in your house for a fresh space you can’t wait to just stay at home in. 

Words by Avery Johnson