How to Decide Your Decorating Budget

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Published on May 16, 2018

Starting a design project can be so exciting: a new space, fresh and just how you want it to look. There’s nothing better! But, the reality is that decorating can (but doesn’t have to be) an expensive process. It’s important to start any design project with a budget in mind. It will help guide the project, and you won’t end up way over-spending! If you’re working with a Havenly designer, having a budget in mind helps them pick just the right pieces for your space.

The first thing to consider with any design project is what you need. Does your room need paint or structural work? Do you have existing furniture you’d like to work around? Are there any pieces you can’t live without and need right now? Draw up a list of needs for your space. Once you have the bare bones, add the wants to your list. Try to think of everything– even accessories.

Once you know what you need for your space, start planning your process. If you’re working with a designer, she’ll be a great tool for this. Usually it’s best to start with larger pieces (like a sofa) and work out from there, but everyone is different! During this stage, it’s a great idea to shop around to figure out how far your money will go in your space. We wrote a guide to what you can expect with $1000 to spend, which can help you visualize your budget further. Be sure to consider price versus quality, too. Now is also a great time to decide whether you plan on using financing options during your decorating process!

Once you have a decorating plan, it’s time to start shopping! Now you can prioritize where you want to begin your purchases. Start with your “needs”, then move on to the “wants”. Remember, not everything needs to be purchased at once! Try buying one big statement piece and living with it for a while. That will allow you to see how you use your new space and how you might want to add to it. Save those accessories for last– they make a room complete, but you can usually shop sales or consignment stores pretty effectively for the small things once you have the bones of the room in place. By knowing what you’ll buy first, you can budget around the decorating process– it takes time, after all! You don’t need to drop thousands of dollars all at once.

With these steps done, you should have a pretty good idea what you’re able to spend to create the space of your dreams! Having a responsible budget and sticking to it can be tricky, but it all pays off in the end (pun intended).

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Words by Kate Connors