Where To Save And Splurge On The Most Used Pieces In Your Bedroom

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WORDS BY Kelsey Clark

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Published on July 15, 2022

While we’d love to daydream about the luxury accent chairs or the perfect pendant light when refreshing a space, like it or not, budget is an important part of the design process. No design-forward patio or sprawling main bathroom can come to life without a clear-cut financial strategy.

There are countless ways to devise a design budget that works for you, but resorting to a tried-and-true game of save or splurge is a great way to kickoff the brainstorm. This age-old strategy really puts things into perspective when deciding what’s important, and therefore worth the funds, in any given space.

With the living room down, we’re turning our attention to one of the most relaxing rooms in any home: the bedroom. Ahead, Havenly designers share exactly where to save and where to splurge when designing a guest space, kids room, or the main event: your bedroom.

1. Splurge: The Bedding

linen bedding on upholstered bed with white and black rug

This one is an easy splurge in our book. Aside from the fact that you can literally feel and see the difference between cheap and high-end bedding, you interact with your sheets, duvet, and pillowcases on a daily basis. While you certainly don’t need to go overboard, we recommend spending a bit more for added comfort and a touch of luxury.

2. Save: The Rug

white tufted bed on vintage rug with woven end of bed bench

Generally speaking, bedrooms are not considered high-traffic rooms, so it makes sense to go the budget route in the rug department. Not only is most of it under your bed, but you don’t need to worry as much about durability (which often adds cost). It’s more about visual impact and design here, and there are so many affordable rug options to choose from.

3. Splurge: The Lighting

Design a bedroom | Bedroom design

Lighting could be considered a room’s jewelry — it completes the look and adds a special finishing touch. While you can certainly find affordable lighting, we recommend shelling out for the grand chandelier, oversized pendant light, or design-forward sconces here. Light fixtures really add a wow factor, especially when they’re sized appropriately!

4. Save: The Nightstands

black bedroom with white glam nightstand and black and white bedding

Nightstands are an easy “save” for us. Yes, they serve a functional purpose, but there are so many options on the market that you can always find a budget-conscious version of any designer piece. You can always upgrade the hardware or repaint an affordable find for a luxe, personalized touch! Plus, design trends move so quickly these days; upgrading your nightstands every few years is a great, inexpensive way to refresh your look. 

5. Splurge OR Save: The Artwork

cali cool bedroom with white upholstered bed and blue pillows

You can really go either way with artwork, and there’s something beautiful about a high-low mix. We always think it’s worth shelling out on a beloved, unique, or one-of-a-kind piece of art, but there’s no shame in picking up a few $30 prints from Target to go with it. At the end of the day, price is not the most important factor here — it’s about feeling a connection to your chosen artwork, both from a design and personal perspective! 

6. Save: The Decor

moody bedroom with black bed and artwork

No matter the room, decor is going to fall into the “save” category for us. Decorative accents are meant to be swapped out with the seasons or trend cycle, so investing in luxury decorative knick-knacks just doesn’t make long-term financial sense. Plus, you simply don’t have to splurge on decor to ensure quality — there are countless beautiful, affordable pieces on the market that will give your space an aesthetic upgrade for less, not to mention vintage pieces and family artifacts that add a sense of history.

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Words by Kelsey Clark