5 Secrets to Creating a Stylish Space

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WORDS BY Gillian Grefe

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Published on October 11, 2020

Feeling bored with your space after spending what feels like years inside? Good news—sometimes all it takes is a simple switch-up to spruce up your surroundings. Here are a few stylish tips and tricks to refresh your rooms so you can fall back in love with the place you call home.

One of the easiest ways to bring more style home is to incorporate color. It can really go anywhere—on your walls, furniture, art, and decorations. Play with various paint color pallets for your walls and cabinetry, or try a green velvet sofa, statement pink door, or rainbow-hued print behind the couch for a pop of pizzaz. And, don’t think you need to color the entire room—a simple accent wall may be all you need for a colorful refresh.

For an easy way to add instant color and pattern to your place, try wallpaper. It’s surprisingly easy to DIY and can be switched up as your tastes change.

Rather than feeling the need to nail every piece of art you own onto the wall, create dimension by layering framed pieces. Lean larger frames up against the wall or in a corner, or stack a few on floating shelves for an easier alternative to a gallery wall. Vary the sizes, styles, and scale of the pieces for a more curated and less-matchy look. The best part is, it’s easy to change the look depending on your mood or the season since nothing is bolted down.

You don’t need oodles of furniture and accessories to create a stylish home space. Instead, remember to KISS: Keep It Super Simple. Rather than stuffing your house full of decor, curate a home filled with only well-loved and memorable pieces that bring you joy when you walk in the door. 

Take a hint from Scandinavian design—the Swedes have it down when it comes to crafting rooms with a cozy, yet minimalistic look. The Scandinavian style is defined by clean lines, moderation, and functionality without sacrificing beauty. When in doubt—lead with the rule, less is more.

A tidy home means a tidy life—at least, that’s what they tell us. Set aside a weekend to declutter your home for some serious stylish and stress-free vibes. Pour a cup of coffee or glass of wine, pump the jams, and go all Marie Kondo on your space. Room by room, sort through old and outdated clothes, furniture, kitchen wares, and other belongings, donating or discarding as necessary. 

A clean and well-organized space will leave you feeling less stressed and more at home.

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Houseplants are more than just a decor detail—in fact, they offer a myriad of health benefits, including cleansing the air you breathe and trapping dust and allergens in the air. They have even been said to improve your mood.

Invite more life into your space with hanging baskets by the window, vines crawling along your bookshelf, a potted palm or monstera in the corner of the room, or vases of fresh flowers on the table. Lacking a green thumb? Succulents, cacti, and air plants are relatively easy to maintain and still bring on the benefits.

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Pair up with a designer for even more stylish secrets — just take our interior design style quiz to get started.

Words by Avery Johnson