If you’ve seen any of our social media feeds recently, you know how obsessed we are with the harvest moon party we threw to celebrate the change of seasons. We’ve covered the party, the menu, the music, and the cocktails. Today though, we’re talking inspiration. It’s the most important part of the design process, after all. And, while the party was amazing, there’s no reason its dreamy, laid-back style can’t become part of any area of your home.


Havenly is headquartered in sunny Colorado, so it’s no surprise that when we looked for end-of-summer inspiration, we were drawn to sun drenched images that called to mind warm desert days and outdoor adventures. We kept pulling pictures that featured models in breezy neutrals, and often incorporated warm colors that evoked natural dyes. There was a definite seventies vibe, with vintage furniture, cars, and clothing popping up again and again. And, you might notice a recurring theme: food. We were constantly oohing and aahing over lush spreads of farm-to-table goodness.


But how can you translate the rather nebulous style of “neutral/vintage/desert/gourmet” into your interiors? It isn’t as hard as you’d think. When picking pieces for her patio, designer Shelby looked for interesting textures in natural materials. Linen, stone, and rough-hewn ceramics brought an eclectic, layered feel. Furniture made of wicker and wood also adds a natural feel.

A key element of the style we’re calling “summer harvest” is the sense that everything was collected organically, over time. Not everything has to look brand new, shiny, or perfect. It’s a sun-faded, worn-in, comfortable look. Embrace the feeling with vintage pieces,  leather furniture, and colorful textiles. Greenery is also a great way to pull in natural elements- just don’t use anything too fussy or curated. Bunches of wildflowers, branches, and leaves scattered throughout a table setting or used on a mantle add movement and interest, and can soften hard, architectural lines.

If you loved the pieces from Shelby’s party, we’ve created a special shopping list just for you. But, don’t feel confined to your patio– “summer harvest” can be inspiration for any room in your home. And, if you need a little help, our designers are always ready to talk. Happy decorating!