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If you’re lucky enough to live somewhere that isn’t still being hit with snowstorms, the start of patio season is here! We often get questions from our clients about their patio spaces— it can be so hard to decide what to do with such a multifunctional space. But, there are a few best practices we always take into consideration while we’re working on patio projects. Here’s how to create a patio you’ll love!

1. Include what you’ll use, nix what you won’t.

Getting caught up in norms is a common pitfall of patio planning. If your family loves eating outside, get a big outdoor table. But if that’s just not something you do, don’t feel like it’s a necessity! Instead, pick a few comfortable loungers for reading in the sun. Really think about what you need (Seating? A grill? Entertaining space? A firepit?) and use those pieces to anchor your space.

cabana patio

2. Comfort is key.

Your patio is an extension of your home. That means you can have home-y accents outside, too! Throw pillows, comfortable cushions, and even rugs are all available in outdoor-friendly fabrics. Just remember to bring your upholstery inside before it rains. These soft surfaces make a patio space feel so much more comfortable.

3. Add texture and layers.

No space is finished without accessories. In this case, lean into the outdoors and use potted plants and flowers to add dimension to your patio! Taller grasses make a dramatic statement, while succulents and other greenery make for a soothing effect. You can keep the look minimal by sticking to one color, or go full english garden with a riot of wildflowers.

Still need help making the patio of your dreams? Havenly can help.

Words by Kate Connors