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Interior Design Trends 2019

The new year is just a few days away, which means it’s time for our yearly look at what’s ahead! We keep a weather eye on the design horizon, and for 2019 we’re looking forward to seeing bold colors, natural accents, and even floral prints injected back into our Instagram feeds!

Here a few of the design trends we’re loving for 2019:

Burl Wood Accents

We’ve been seeing (and using) burl wood accents more and more in the end of 2018, and we think it’s here to stay. The organic wood grain adds a natural feel to any space, but its lacquered sheen can feel dressed up enough for a formal sitting room. We love these frames, for just a small accent in any room!

18th Century Florals

Chintz is back! Like all things eighties, trends are coming back around to the feminine floral patterns reminiscent of colonial fabrics. On the high end, de Gournay is making wallpaper that’s to-die-for, but the patterns are popping up just about everywhere as we head into the new year.

Green Cabinetry

Instagram kitchen trends seem to come in waves, and we’ve started seeing green cabinetry everywhere. Notably in Em Henderson’s projects, but in rooms all over Pinterest as well. We love kitchen cabinets painted in the earthy shade, but a single piece refinished with a distressed look can make a space feel fresh, too!

Updated Midcentury Modern

Midcentury isn’t anything new, but lately we’ve been noticing brands taking their own spin on the style’s classic, low-slung shapes. Floyd’s sofa is a standout, but modern accent chairs and even tables are riffing on the classic look in a way that feels fresh for 2019.


Bold Wall Color

Yes, white walls are a classic. But after a few years of all-white everything, we think we’re on the cusp of a wall color comeback! Hip new paint brands and old standbys driving interest in walls that add a big statement to any space. Experimenting with color is back, baby!

What are your favorite design trends for 2019? Work with a Havenly designer to bring them to life in any space.

Words by Kate Connors