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Wondering how you can incorporate seasonally-relevant decor in a way that doesn’t feel kitschy? Shleby Girard, our VP of Creative and Design has the answers. Her approach to decorating for Halloween? Add a few tasteful accessories that feel like a variation on your style, but not a complete departure from it.

1. Where’s the first place you look for Halloween decor?

Affordable places like Target or Wayfair are the first place to look. No one wants to spend a ton for decor you only use for a month. I also love retailers like CB2 and Anthropologie for dark decor that could be more versatile and used throughout the year (but really played up during Halloween).

2. Have you noticed any new trends this year?

I’ve been seeing a lot of crows and black butterflies in place of spiders and bats. I’ve also been noticing more deep reds, purples, and dark blues rather than all black and orange decor. This palette works especially well for a Halloween-inspired flower arrangement.

3. Where are the best places to use black in the home?

Honestly, I love using black anywhere, any day of the year, but for most I’d recommend using black paint in a powder room, walk-in closet (if you’re lucky enough to have one), or even a master bedroom. These are great spaces to make a statement without overwhelming your home. A black-stained wood dining table or a black velvet sofa are big furniture pieces that can make your place look really sleek and luxe. 

Forte Channeled Charcoal Velvet Sofa from CB2, $1,899

4. Do you have any easy tips for updating your space for Halloween?

An easy update to make your space feel spookier is to replace any taper, tea or pillar candles with black ones. 

I’d also choose one or two areas in the home to really create a moment. Fill your mantel with skulls and black candles or place a lot of smaller stick-on bats along the walls and ceiling of your hallway. It can be a more statement-making way to decorate that doesn’t require touching every area of your home.

Source: @stepheniewatts

5. Which candies will you stock up on for trick-or-treaters?

The classics! Snickers, Reese’s, and Twix were always my favorites. No need to reinvent the wheel here.

6. Any costumes ideas you’re loving?

I’ve been binge-watching Schitt’s Creek recently and think Moire Rose would make for an amazing costume! 

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Words by Erika Torvik