Easy Storage Solutions — That Are Actually Pretty

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WORDS BY Gillian Grefe

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Published on August 11, 2020

Tiny space living shouldn’t have to cramp your style—especially when it comes to storage. You don’t need to live the minimalist life to have a beautiful and airy home where you can kick back and feel comfy. 

Follow these top tips for easy storage solutions that will keep your small space looking fresh and uncluttered.

No entryway closet? No problem! Wall shelves with clever labeled baskets and hooks for hanging keys and coats keep necessities within reach when coming and going—and stops them from piling up on the floor. Label baskets for each family member or roommate so each person has their own special storage space for purses, backpacks, or mail to keep things tidy and uber organized. 

If you have a wider entryway, consider a console table or bench with cabinets or cubbies to tuck jackets, bags, and shoes out of sight. Add ceramic bowls to the top to drop in keys, and a file organizer for sorting mail. Having a place for everything not only clears clutter in your home, but your head, as well. Not to mention having a designated place for your keys means you’ll save yourself the headache of searching the place over only to find them tucked away in the refrigerator. Or is that only us?

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For the smallest of spaces, furniture that plays double duty is especially nifty. Beds with built-in drawers free up space in tiny bedrooms where large or multiple dressers just won’t do, especially if you are sharing a room with a partner. 

In the living room, hollow, lidded ottomans serve as additional seating options or let you kick your feet up—all while keeping things tucked away and out of sight. Fold up blankets and pop them inside a longer, tufted bench-style piece, or stack board games and decks of cards in a smaller circular ottoman that is easy to draw up to the coffee table when it’s your turn to host game night. Basket ottomans match with almost any style and make great containers for kid and dog toys when they’re not in use.

Baskets are a small space storage necessity—and any organizational designer’s best friend. They come in all shapes, sizes, materials, and colors, guaranteeing you’ll find one for every use to keep your place neat and tidy. Large baskets by your couch or bedside are perfect for stashing throw pillows and blankets. Thin baskets can be stacked with sweaters under your bed or in the corner during the off season. Smaller baskets can hold accessories and make pretty additions to bookshelves.

Cycling through your clothing storage options based on season frees up valuable real estate in your closet and dresser for those quicker-to-grab, go-to items you wear on the reg. Store your seasonal clothing and less-used items such as sweaters under the bed with chic and stylish underbed storage bins so pretty, you’ll want them out on display. These from Open Spaces are crafted from pressed gray felt and feature leather handle pulls for a classic look you won’t mind pulling out when needed. Or try a woven underbed basket for a more boho style. You can even stack a few next to your bed for a creative bedside table alternative. 

Freewheeling drawers are also a great solution as they roll out and in easily when you simply need that one yellow sweater to combat the extra cold AC.

Never underestimate the usefulness of a shelf—no matter how small. They don’t need to expand the entire length of the wall to be useful. Ladder shelves have a more open look and take up less space than boxy bookshelves while adding vertical interest to your small space—making them the perfectly stylish catch-all for tchotchkes, photo frames, your reading collection, and even baskets or glass jars of trinkets and accessories. 

Open, floating shelves are also a great solution, especially for kitchens. Stash plates, cups, and your most-used kitchen essentials you reach for daily on open shelves for a chic, modern look. 

You don’t need to live large to make yourself at home in a spacious and uncluttered space. With a few creative twists, you can ban clutter for good and have a place for everything, and everything in its place. Happy organizing!

Words by Avery Johnson