Front Doorstep Ideas for the Best First Impression

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Published on March 27, 2021

The arrival of a new season is a great time to hit refresh on your front doorstep (not to mention the rest of your home). 

A small, manageable project that delivers a big return on your investment of time and money, a spruced-up front door allows you to welcome the shift in the weather in a very visual way, while also making a great first impression for visitors. 

“You get to think about how a particular season makes you feel,” says Havenly designer Kelsey Fischer, “and creatively represent that to the people who visit or pass by your house.” 

Even if you’re the only one who notices your new pendant light or those marble-finish planters, the update “gives you a welcome home and a welcome into the change of the coming year,” Kelsey says. 

Like all Havenly designers, Kelsey has no shortage of front doorstep ideas. And she views the styling of the front doorstep — or stoop or porch — as a preview of her home’s interior. 

I find that I like to represent the fundamentals of my style no matter where they are in my home, so if it’s a floral wreath, I choose more simple, understated pieces, or planters with a sleek design to give an outdoor voice to my interior preferences,” she says.

Looking for front doorstep ideas to amp up your style?

Here are Kelsey’s five steps to a refresh:

Clean It Up

Give your doorstep a sweep and a wash. And for a springtime refresh, don’t forget to wipe down the front door to remove winter’s dust and grime. “You would be surprised what a difference it makes to the presentation of your decor!” Kelsey says.


Layer In the Greenery

Greenery is a natural way to refresh your doorstep in any season.

It could be a symmetrical set of planters on either side of the door, plants lining your front steps or a floral wreath hung front and center.

“Anything fresh and bright and growing will always be welcoming!” Kelsey says. “I love choosing aromatic florals like jasmine in springtime, since they give you more than just a visual welcome.”


Think About Scale

If you have a very large front door, make sure your wreath fits proportionally. Or if you have a very small entry, choose planters that don’t overcrowd that area. 

“Decorative accessories are great, but don’t feel bogged down in creating too many accents with decor items,” Kelsey says. “Simple is always a great bet for a fresh update that is also budget-friendly.”

Consider Lighting

How your front steps are lit can be a game changer to the way you feel about approaching and entering your home. And a lighting upgrade doesn’t have to require pulling a permit or calling an electrician. Change out sconces or pendants for a new look, line your steps with small solar path lights or simply add some lanterns with battery-powered candles.


Put Out a Mat

A front door mat is more than a place to wipe your feet. It’s a great way to bring in some fun texture and pattern and display a little of your personality. Choose a mat with a customizable monogram or something with a nod to your interests.

Once your front doorstep is ready for spring (or summer, or fall!), consider front entry ideas to refresh the all-important space just inside the front door.

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Words by Staci Sturrock