Save Your Money: 8 Home Decor Trends You Actually *Don’t* Need to Buy Into

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WORDS BY Kelsey Clark

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Published on March 31, 2023

Thanks in part to social media, consumer products as status symbols has hit an unprecedented peak. We’re constantly fielding content that tells us we simply need the Palo Santo candle; the expensive hand soaps; the Adidas Gazelles; that new viral concealer; the Athletic Greens powder that will change your life. Products are no longer just things you like — they communicate personality, aesthetics, social circles, and by and large, status.

So, when the “deinfluencing” trend took over TikTok and subsequently Instagram, it felt incredibly refreshing (for both our feeds and our wallets) to see the opposite narrative gaining traction. So much so, that we decided to take our own stab at the fan fave design products and trends that while beautiful, you certainly need in your life – especially if you’re on a budget (who isn’t?!).

Keep scrolling for candid thoughts from the Havenly design team:

1. Expensive candles & hand soaps

De-influencing interior design | Design trends to pass on

Confession: many of our design team has been influenced into buying an expensive luxury product from the likes of Aesop, Dyptique, and Le Labo. While these self-care buys are beyond divine, they’re called “luxury” for a reason. If you’re on a budget or just into more practical purchases, you don’t need to spend 50-plus dollars on an everyday product that will run out within months. Instead, consider splurging on a pretty, reusable dispenser you can easily refill with more generic (albeit still aromatically pleasing) soap, like the chic bathroom above.

2. The olive tree hype

indoor house tree

Don’t get us wrong… we love an effortless olive tree moment (in client projects, photoshoots, and our own homes).  But we have to admit, the olive tree is to 2022 what the Fiddle Leaf Fig was to 2016. And like the Fiddle Leaf, olive trees are notoriously temperamental, expensive, and hard to care for. Plus, they’re so popular, it’s only a matter of time before they start to feel a tad overplayed (maybe we’re there already?). Overall, “trendy” plants are hard for us to get on board with — rather, buy something that suits your space, style, and skillset. There are so many stunning trees on the market (whether real or faux), you’re certain to find something you love and can keep alive.

3. The $$$$ checkered rug

checkerboard tablecloth with spring flowers

ICYMI: checkerboard print is really having a moment right now. And while there is a timeless aspect to all things checkered, the statement (and read: expensive) checkerboard rug can be quite a sticker shock. We recommend opting for an affordable dupe, or even simply weaving in a throw blanket, pillow set, or tablecloth instead. You’ll still inject a fun pop of the retro print into your space without spending upwards of $1,000. Plus, you can easily swap it out without guilt if or when you tire of it.

4. A picture-perfect pantry

De-influencing interior design | Design trends to pass on

Sure, monochrome canisters with hand-written labels are nice to look at (and may improve kitchen functionality), but we prefer to focus on elevating everyday countertop storage. Even as designers, we have a hard time getting on board with meticulously organized and stylized cabinets and pantries — creating such immaculate displays that only live behind closed doors takes considerable time, money, and effort! It feels more social media-facing than realistic. (By all means, if you’re into the fancy pantry scene, go for it… just trying to save you a few bucks and extend an invite to skip this one altogether if not.)

5. The modern white sofa

navy blue tufted sofa

If you love the look of an all-white sofa but your gut tells you it won’t fit your lifestyle, listen to your gut. Keeping crisp white upholstery in premium condition can be difficult, especially if you have kids and/or pets. Plus, ultra-modern white sofas inspired by the iconic Restoration Hardware Cloud Sofa have had a chokehold on the design world for years now. With traditional design staging a comeback, consider playing with a color (blues and greens can act like a neutral) or even a fun pattern!

6. The Frame TV

blue comfy sectional

To know the Frame TV is to love the Frame TV, especially if you’re as design and aesthetic-obsessed as we are. But, it’s definitely a splurge — a non-essential one at that, especially if you’re on any sort of budget. It’s one of those things that’s nice to have (and so satisfying to look at, particularly in a living room), but it’s perfectly fine for your TV to look like… a TV. We promise, your home will still look lovely if you choose to pass on the Frame TV, like our design editor did in her own living room above.

7. Iconic (and pricy) lighting

moody dining room with black paint

We get it, there are some incredible light fixtures on the market. But the ones that are iconic, heritage-worthy, and next-level stunning are really, really expensive. But good news: you get source affordable light fixtures that look nearly identical to the high-end version for a fraction of the price. Save your money and do a little extra digging for the budget version of the brass wall sconce, fancy chandelier, or kitchen pendant lights you’re obsessed with — your wallet will thank you.

8. All marble everything

classic living room with marble coffee table

If you’re into interior design, you’re likely inundated with marble furniture across various platforms — marble kitchens on Pinterest; marble side and coffee tables from CB2; marble vases and accessories styled on Instagram. While we adore this edgy twist on a timeless look, marble has and always will be more of a luxury material (which means: expensive). Our advice? Stick with a single piece, like a statement coffee table, and always start by searching Facebook Marketplace or Etsy first to score a good deal on a vintage find.

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Words by Kelsey Clark