Is Minimalism’s Reign Coming To an End? Plus 7 More 2023 Design Trend Predictions

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WORDS BY Kelsey Clark

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Published on December 19, 2022

For our interior designers, year’s end only means one thing: trend forecasting. Having wrapped thousands of design projects in 2022, we have keen insight as to which design trends you’ll see everywhere in 2023, from color palettes and prints to furniture styles and paint colors.

Generally speaking, we’re noticing an overarching trend towards more bold, colorful, and warm interiors, which speaks to our reigning, collective desire for comfort and security in the wake of the pandemic (yes, we’re still feeling its effects). Clean, white-walled minimalism continues to take a back seat to moody color palettes, printed wallpaper, cozy textures, and natural materials, with modern-traditional design making a slow but steady comeback.

For more specific interior design trends 2023, keep scrolling for direct insight from the Havenly interior design team:

In: Full-On Color

Out: White Paint Only

Interior Design Trends 2023

We’re pleased to report that we’re noticing a welcome backlash against the all-white default. From monochrome paint application to moody, saturated palettes, color in all its forms is taking center-stage once again. While timeless white walls will never completely go out of style, people are seeking more comfort and coziness at home in the form of painted nooks, moody wallpaper, warm wood tones, and rich, colorful upholstery. If there’s ever been a time to create an all-encompassing mood at home, it’s now. 

In: Decadent Details

Out: All Things Simple & Sleek

Interior Design Trends 2023

From chandeliers (vintage crystal) to furniture (fringed velvet), we’re seeing more traditional silhouettes and elaborate details hitting it big as we head into 2023. Gone are the days of clean, mid-century modern everything and ultra-sleek furniture — art deco opulence in the form of ornate woodwork, rich wood tones, and even grandiose window treatments are up and coming.  In other words: buy the rolled-arm accent chair before everyone else does. 

In: Modern-Traditional Design

Out: Cool, Restrained Minimalism

Interior Design Trends 2023

After countless years of clean, pared-back minimalism, we’re finally seeing the pendulum swing in the opposite direction. To reiterate, traditional design is staging a slow but mighty comeback in the form of ornate woodwork and moulding, vintage-inspired artwork, romantic silhouettes, saturated colors, and pattern play. While this 21st-century iteration boasts a much-needed edge (more on that here), the focus is once again on warmth, hospitality, and comfort — like a chic, updated take on your grandmother’s sitting room. Our favorite brand for bringing home this classic, edgy style? The Inside by Havenly, of course.

In: Statement Stone

Out: Carrara Marble or Bust

Interior Design Trends 2023

Please give a warm welcome to travertine, soapstone, river rock, basalt, and marble in all shades and colors, because statement stone is back and better than ever. Thanks to retailers like CB2, we’re noticing a resurgence in colorful stone, particularly deep burgundy, rosy pink, and rich evergreen marble. Think: sculptural coffee and side tables, dramatic countertops and backsplashes, and decorative bowls and vases. No matter what you choose, these pieces act like a work of art in homes and command the spotlight.  

In: Power Patterns

Out: Solids on Solids

Interior design trends 2023 | classic living room with blue patterned sofa

In line with the traditional resurgence, patterned upholstered furniture and print mixing is slowly gaining popularity into 2023. While a patterned statement sofa used to be regarded as a bold, maximalist move, we’re seeing a slow uptick in intentional, classic upholstery like stripes, florals, and neutral animal print. Cozy traditional is back, baby (with an edge, of course).

In: Soft Florals

Out: Checkerboard Print Chokehold

Interior Design Trends 2023

Don’t get us wrong — we love the checkerboard print trend and definitely brought the pattern into our homes in 2022. And while we still think a neutral checkerboard throw blanket or area rug has a place in 2023 spaces, we’d argue that this trend is past its peak. Instead, we predict an uptick in soft, traditional floral prints and accents, particularly in rugs and throw pillows. Try mixing florals with your existing checkerboard pieces to update the trend for the new year!

In: Shades of the ’70s

Out: High-Contrast Everything

Interior Design Trends 2023

As we head into 2023, we predict the second coming of 1970s aesthetics, from wood wall paneling and low-slung furniture to retro earth tones like trending brown, burgundy, cognac, ochre, and saffron. We’ll always love a graphic black and white moment (and will continue to use this color combo), but this new palette adds some much-needed softness and warmth into the mix. While this “retro resurgence” has been taking shape for quite some time now, we only see this quintessentially cool, lounge-y look growing into 2023.

In: Interesting Asymmetry

Out: Matchy-Matchy Layouts

Interior Design Trends 2023

We’d argue that the easiest way to make your home feel unique and on-trend next year is to embrace a little asymmetry. Whether you go all-in with mis-matched seating or test the waters with an off-kilter fireplace mantel moment, mixing furniture and decor styles is slowly becoming the norm in interior design (goodbye, matching furniture sets). We especially love mixing this modern, offbeat styling trick with more traditional furniture and decor for a welcome edge.

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Words by Kelsey Clark