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Some years, the holidays are bustling with events, parties, gift exchanges and traditions. Other years, the festivities take a back seat to the rest of our lives. If the latter sounds like this year for you, you’ve likely got a few people in your life who are also in that boat. So, if an unconventional, last-minute holiday get-together is becoming your truth for this season, read on for a few creative ways to go beyond the basic bustle and foster the festivities in your own unique way. 

A week off of work is a given for some, but a luxury for most. It’s important that, in the midst of the holiday chaos and pressure, your get-together feels like a getaway from your day-to-day (and from the imminent return to work tomorrow morning.) That being said, atmosphere is everything. So, whether it’s your atmosphere or a nearby destination, feel out what would cater best to you and your attendees and take that route. After all, there’s no wrong way to celebrate the holidays.

Holiday Party Destinations

Hosting a holiday party gives you the chance to transform your home into a scene from The Nutcracker, but it can also warrant a lot of pressure and effort for little reward (aside from a mountain of dishes). Live music, outdoor fires and cozy restaurants and bars make for great vibes at little hassle and expense. Plus, you’ll get to be a guest at your own gathering rather than playing host.

If going out feels a little too unorthodox, find ways to host in your home in a comfortable, convenient way. What does that mean, exactly? Be the host with the most, but find ways to do the least. 

Holiday host

Holiday Party Playlist

An easy solution for the lack of holiday party prep is having the right playlist at the click of a button. We’ve created the perfect playlist so you don’t need to go searching. 

Holiday planning

Easy Holiday Party Food Ideas

A themed dinner such as an arrangement of south-of-the-border eats is easy to create and even easier to outsource. Make a sign-up sheet for different dishes that you’d like to see on the table and watch them roll in with your guests. Don’t be afraid to go all the way out of the box for untraditional eats. Keep your go-to pizza parlour on speed dial for a tasty surprise that’s sure to please, or go full “Seinfeld” and opt for Chinese. For a low-maintenance solution, outsource a few apps apps and provide the wine… or tequila.

If you have some extra time, your guests will be impressed by Rachel Nichol’s (of The Fond Life) approach to simple cooking. Kick-off the evening with a bright, effervescent drink that packs a punch. The best cocktail recipe is an easy one, which is why this is one of our favorites. Follow cocktails with her delicious finger food menu you can find here.


Holiday Finger Food

Holiday Party Entertainment Ideas

Make sure that you have a few entertainment options in mind to engage your guests if conversations die down. An exciting, well-known option is to host a “White Elephant” exchange, where guests exchange bizarre, comical gifts that are all under a certain price point to rule out anything too serious. You can also lean to board games, spicing up the rules with a 21+ twist. In the spirit of the holidays, sing-along songs make for a great karaoke line-up, too!

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Holiday Party Entertainment Ideas

Words by Morgan Hitz