Find your style

There is nothing more fun than grabbing the scan gun at your favorite retailer and browsing the store for items that you’ll build your married life (and, most likely adulthood) with! You’re probably eyeing the usual essentials from cheese graters to sheets for your registry, but you in this modern age, it’s pretty common for couples to already have a ton of the usual kitchen essentials. If you’re already well-stocked in the cutlery department, keep these extras in mind as well.



Artwork can be expensive, so adding pieces to your registry is a great way get what you really want on your well-wisher’s dime! Artwork is also often the last thing we consider when pulling together our spaces. Having pieces to put up from the start will kick off your new life together in a uniquely-you home!

Image via Anthropologie

Pretty Servingware

You’re likely looking at the usual suspects in the serving category. Which bowl would I bring the potatoes in for Thanksgiving or what will we serve our family salads in? The great thing about serving pieces is that they can double as decor on your counters or tables, so choose something display-worthy! Anthropologie and West Elm have a great selection of unique pieces to check out.

Image via Pinterest


Think small lamps, vignettes for coffee tables and decor for your dresser. Most every surface you have should be styled to make your home feel pulled together. Small accessories are also often inexpensive and easy for guests to quickly grab and add to your gift. Work with your fiance to find a good balance of your styles and choose pieces that reflect that!

Words by Kate Connors