How to Style Your Home for Fall

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WORDS BY Gillian Grefe

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Published on September 14, 2020

As summer turns to fall, we naturally turn to warmer clothes, hotter drinks and heartier foods. We seem to crave changes in our homes, too: a shift to autumn hues, heavier fabrics, hygge embellishments, and anything that makes us feel cozy. 

The beauty of interior design is the way a few styling tweaks can signal a shift in seasons in your space. It really is all about the details. Consider these tips for styling your home for fall one area at a time.

The entrance to your home gets a major workout in cooler months, with family members coming and going in more layers of clothing and heavier shoes. Give your entryway a little love: 

  • Add a patterned doormat, runner or rug to enliven your space and stop dirt in its tracks (or at least disguise it between vacuumings).
  • Layer in touches that reflect the season. A piece of seasonally appropriate art. Copper candle holders. A richly hued vase. A fall wreath hung inside.  
  • Plump up entryway seating with textured pillows or an inviting throw that conveys warmth and welcome the minute you step inside.
  • Declutter your coat rack in anticipation of the jackets and coats coming its way. If you want to add a touch of pre-winter whimsy, wrap it in fairy lights. 
  • Add temporary storage for fall and winter footwear. Think shoe baskets, trays or cubbies.

Your sofa sets the tone for your living room. 

Make it fall-friendly by exchanging light-colored pillows for darker ones, but think beyond the typical oranges and browns. Consider rich burgundies, plums or mustards. 

Choose pillows in a mix of cold-weather textures like leather, suede, velvet or chenille. 

And, of course, increase the weight of your throw blanket for those cool nights in front of the fireplace or TV. Faux fur or a cable knit are indulgent in the best way. Check out this article for more ways to style your sofa for different seasons.

Update your living room with a quick makeover of your coffee table: 

  • Switch out your coffee table books, replacing summer’s bright covers with dramatically dark covers suited to fall. (For more simple styling ideas using coffee table books, read this.)
  • Replace summer-scented candles (honeysuckle, coconut, gardenia) with fall’s delicious aromas (clove, pine, cinnamon).
  • Swap Lucite or rattan trays for a gilded tray or one made of dark wood.
  • Add flowers or foliage inspired by wherever you live, whether that’s Vermont’s maples or desert sagebrush. For inspiration, follow along as the Havenly team creates fall flower arrangements

If your coffee table typically doesn’t sit on a rug, add one. If it’s already atop a rug, layer on another one. It’s easy to layer a rug like a designer.

The first step in creating an amazing fall tablescape is deciding on the look and feel you hope to evoke (traditional? boho? mid-century modern?). 

Lay a fall foundation with a tablecloth or runner in tune with the season. Same goes for placemats and cloth napkins. 

Remember to layer in different heights of decorative items. And have fun! Including something unexpected is part of this creative exercise (and a great conversation starter). 

The components of your fall tablescape could include anything from dried flowers and dried herbs, to wheat and reclaimed wood trays, to acorns and acorn squashes. 

If you like the look of pumpkins, choose from a bumper crop of pumpkin decor in all shapes, sizes, textures and colors, including neutrals like white, cream, black and gray. 

And if you’re hungry for a bigger change this season, consider these current trends in dining room furniture.

Bedding appropriate to the season keeps you, your thermostat and your energy bill at a comfortable setting. Make your bed for fall: 

  • Swap lightweight bed sheets for bedding in flannel or fleece. 
  • Dress your bed in darker, richer colors during months with fewer hours of daylight. 
  • Glam it up with wool, faux fur or velvet pillows. 
  • Drape a heavy throw across the foot of your bed for a pop of fall color and additional warmth as needed. 

Click this way for even more tips on organizing and revitalizing your home for fall.

No matter the season, get started on your design project today. First step: discover your style with the Havenly style quiz.

Words by Staci Sturrock