From Rich Berry to Bold Black: Our 2022 Paint Trend Predictions Are In

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WORDS BY Kelsey Clark

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Published on December 10, 2021

Like fashion and beauty, design trends capture the spirit of our time and reflect the current cultural climate. Paint colors are no exception — it’s no coincidence that the world embraced warm, comforting hues in the midst of a global pandemic, for example.

As we head into 2022, we’re still seeing a flair for all things cozy, with a tinge of optimism and exuberance. After nearly two years of uncertainty and trepidation, now’s the time to embrace the bold, the saturated, and the adventurous. Case in point: rich berry and old-world blue — two daring paint colors that we predict will be everywhere in the new year.

But there’s more where that came from — keep reading for the 2022 paint trends our designers are bookmarking for the new year:

2022 Paint Trends: Traditional Tones

If the return of bouclé and colorful marble is any indication, old trends always cycle back into the limelight. As for paint trends, traditional tones are feeling particularly fresh as we head into 2022 — and we’re placing bets that they will dominate your feedWe’re talking: romantic warm-toned berries and mauves, old-world blues, and moody sage (which was actually our color of the year in 2021). 

Rich Berry

2022 paint trends

Warm, earthy tones like terracotta and rust have been trending in the decor world for months now, and it was only a matter of time before these hues made it to our walls. To test the waters in your home, consider swatching Fading Twilight by Benjamin Moore, Rambling Rose by Sherwin Williams, and Deep Reddish Brown by Farrow & Ball.

Old-World Blue

2022 paint trends

Elegant royal blue is back in a big way. While this classic hue will always pair beautifully with ornate woodwork and crown mouldings, 2022’s version calls for contrasting curvy, lounge-style furniture straight out of the ’80s. We’re particularly loving Van Deusen Blue and Kensington Blue by Benjamin Moore, as well as Stiffkey Blue by Farrow & Ball. 

Moody Sage

2022 paint trends

Unlike the pastel-inspired sages of year’s past, 2022’s take is a bit more deep, muddled, and nuanced. It pairs well with high contrast tones and organic accents for a modern moment. Embrace the trending hue with Lichen by Farrow & Ball, Clary Sage by Sherwin Williams, and Saybrook Sage by Benjamin Moore.

2022 Paint Trends: High Impact Hues

Okay, okay — this trend isn’t exactly new new. Dramatic paint always waxes and wanes in the design world. But we will say that 2022’s take is an absolute mood — we’re talking full-on blacks, dark teals, and vibrant sea greens. Basically, when it comes to bold paint colors, go big or go home. That said, we do recommend offsetting the look with lighter, brighter furniture and decor (or even jewel tones, if you’re so inclined!).

Muddled Black

paint trends 2022 | best black paint colors

I’m sorry, but have you ever seen a more gorgeous black paint color? 2022’s take on black is decidedly muddled and dimensional, and we are absolutely here for it (especially with a contrasting white ceiling and luxe burl wood pieces for added warmth). Explore this trending paint color yourself with Onyx by Benjamin Moore, Off-Black by Farrow & Ball, and Green Black by Sherwin Williams.

Dark Teal

2022 paint trends | dark teal paint

While the word “teal” may always trigger 1980s flashbacks, 2022’s modern interpretation is much more rich and refined. Pair the hue with natural light oak, glam gold, and crisp white, and consider favored colors like Pacific Sea Teal by Benjamin Moore, Dark Night by Sherwin Williams, and Hague Blue by Farrow & Ball.

Sea Green

trending paint colors

Green is back in a big way for 2022, and it’s all about the rich, full-bodied tones. Less organic here, and more glamorous. Consider head-turning hues like Hunter Green and Tarrytown Green by Benjamin Moore, and Duck Green by Farrow & Ball, and temper the look with light cognac accents. 

2022 Paint Trends: Toasted Tints

Warm hues already made a strong comeback this year, and we only see this trend gaining steam in 2022.  People are (understandably) still craving warmth and coziness in the wake of the pandemic, and let’s be honest — cool grey just doesn’t hit the spot. We see this trend evolving past neutrals in the new year — warm taupes, dusty lilacs, and creamy whites will be hot on the scene in 2022.

Creamy White

paint trends 2022

We will simply never get over a rich, creamy white. Forgoing cool and true whites for whipped-up hues like Wimbourne White by Farrow & Ball, Milkglass by Dunn Edwards, and Ivory White by Benjamin Moore is a surefire way to cozy up your space.

Warm Beige

best beige paint colors | 2022 paint trends

There’s no better way to add warmth and dimension to your space without adding actual color than embracing a solid, true beige. But let’s be clear, these are more brown-tinged than the cloying yellow undertones of the 90s. Rich hues like Stony Ground and Skimming Stone by Farrow & Ball, and Revere Pewter by Benjamin Moore are basically a warm minimalist’s dream.

Deep Mushroom

2022 paint trends | mushroom paint color

For a beautiful, neutral beige with a touch more depth, consider trending mushroom. This earthy hue is best exemplified in Elephant’s Breath by Farrow & Ball, Stone Hearth by Benjamin Moore, and Sanderling by Sherwin Williams, and we’re currently swatching all three.

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Words by Kelsey Clark