How We Achieved *Both* Cali Comfort and Style in Keltie Knight’s Living Room

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WORDS BY Morgan Goldberg

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Published on December 8, 2021

When Keltie Knight purchased a massive Spanish-style house in Los Angeles, she knew it needed some love. The “big 90s beast,” as the LadyGang CEO and television host cheekily calls it, was a “soulless mega home” devoid of much character beyond its tall, vaulted ceilings and beautiful arched windows. The entire place was begging for an infusion of warmth and personality.

The biggest challenge, however, was transforming the cavernous living room into a stylish-yet-cozy multipurpose space. “I wanted an ultra chic and stunning family room that I could entertain in, but where I could also be comfortable to binge hours of Netflix in my sweatpants,” Knight explains.

woven wall baskets

After working with Havenly on her last living room, Knight knew we could tackle this near-impossible task. She partnered with designer Maha Boulfelfel, who helped her strike the perfect balance between beauty and comfort. “I also had a strict budget and some specific pieces I wanted to include — I love that you can do that with Havenly,” she gushes.

On the comfort side, Knight’s priority was procuring a huge, sink-right-in sofa. Boulfelfel opted for a plush, cream-colored sectional that she topped with terracotta throw pillows — but the snuggly seating options don’t stop there. A rust-hued velvet swivel chair and a furry Flag Halyard chair from Knight’s old living room are also standing by.

rust velvet chair

To craft an elevated boho look, Boulfelfel layered three natural rugs and incorporated a live edge coffee table. She also encouraged Knight to consider sculptural art for the primary wall to add depth and dimension. “At first I said no, but I eventually realized that she was right,” Knight admits. “I hung these beautiful baskets I had collected from a trip to Rwanda. They’re so unique and really remind me of some special people and a very special trip.”

boho wall basket decor

In the corner, a large olive tree not only adds a welcome greenery moment, but also fulfills Knight’s promise to her husband Chris that they would get a giant plant. The rustic flora is complemented by a few other leafy pots and Knight’s DIY plaster fireplace. “I had so much fun and I think it turned out great,” she reveals.

Between the soft upholstery and curated decor, Boulfelfel achieved Knight’s desired equilibrium. “I used to think a TV room had to be a den and that style was meant for a more formal living room, but now I have the best of both worlds!” Knight raves. What more could she want?

keltie knight

Fast Five with Keltie Knight

Three items you can’t live without? 

RuPaul’s Drag Race, Klondike ice cream bars, and my bullet journal.”

Favorite piece in your home right now? 

“Obsessed with the giant rust swivel chair in my living room.”

How do you spend your time in this room? 

“We’ve been spending every single night and weekend chilling out, enjoying the view, and watching TV.”

Last show you binge-watched there? 

“I’m watching my LadyGang partner Becca Tobin’s new show Turner & Hooch on Disney+.”

Sweatpants, face mask, wine, or… how are you lounging in this room? 

“I would never dare bring wine near these rugs or couch — are you crazy?! Definitely a yes on the sweatpants, though.”

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Words by Morgan Goldberg